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California Section 8 Housing Eligibility

California Section 8 Housing Eligibility criteria are determined specifically by individual public housing agency but, in general, they should conform to the regulations of HUD. The most important criterion to judge the suitability of an applicant for a section 8 rental assistance program is his/her annual income. The income limits vary with each PHA but it should not be more than 80 percent of Area Median Income (AMI). In practice, a family with an income less than 50 percent of AMI is more likely to qualify for a section 8 housing program.

In California, the families whose incomes are less than 30 percent of Area Median Income are given the highest priority and according to the law, at least 75 percent of the total number of beneficiaries must belong to this section. Your family income is what determines the value of housing subsidy you would get after approval from the HA. It is for this reason you are required to keep your housing authority updated regarding any change in your income. A review is performed by the PHA each year to check whether you still meet the eligibility criteria of the program.

HUD Section 8 Eligibility Requirements

A PHA in California uses the incomes limits developed by HUD in order to determine the eligibility of a family seeking Section 8 rental assistance. Besides the income of the applicant, the Section 8 housing eligibility is governed by certain other factors also. These HUD Section 8 eligibility requirements may vary from one housing authority to another depending on the local needs of the community. Some of these include:
  • Citizenship status: Only US citizens or eligible immigrants residing in the jurisdiction of a particular PHA are qualified to avail the benefits of its assistance programs. If more than one housing authority serves your area, you are free to apply to one or more of them subject to the availability of the program you are applying.
  • Family Size and Characteristics: Family size is the next important eligibility criteria after the income. A family with minor children or headed by seniors or disabled is usually given preference over other section 8 applicants. Moreover, a family living in a sub-standard housing unit or having to spend more than 50% of total salary on the rent can also find it easier to make it to the Section 8 waiting list.
  • Past Records as a Tenant: The family's past record as a tenant is also taken for consideration before giving approval for rental assistance. The housing authorities can check references of your previous landlords and employers to see if your habits and practices fully conform to the HUD regulations.
To get specific details of the Section 8 housing eligibility requirements, you need to contact the housing authority you are applying. For general information on HUD Section 8 programs in California you can follow the link given below:


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