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Carpet Cleaning Machines

USA Carpet Cleaning Machines are ranked higher among the carpet cleaning machines produced across the globe. This is because of the incorporation of the latest technology in such machines resulting from the ongoing research in the world of carpet and upholstery cleaning machines. USA is the biggest user of carpets, as these are the most favorite and convenient floor coverings in homes and offices throughout the country. This has led to the rapid growth of carpet cleaning companies, which need high quality carpet cleaning equipments and machines. In order to meet the demands, US market is flooded with carpet cleaning equipments and machines of a multitude make and design.

There are two basic categories of users of such machines namely:
  • Homemaker
  • Commercial Companies.
Carpet cleaning vacuums are the usual home carpet cleaning machines while commercial carpet cleaning machines include a range of machines. Some of them are listed below:
  • Truck mount carpet cleaning machines & equipments
  • Dry carpet cleaning machines & equipments
  • Carpet steam cleaning machines
  • Green machine carpet cleaner
Of all the machines listed above Truck mounted carpet cleaning machine is the best carpet cleaning machines. A number of carpet cleaning companies have emerged in the US over the years. Of the several such manufactures, the brands of Bissell and Hoover are on the top rung of the ladder in carpet cleaning machines ratings. The rating is a result of the carpet cleaning machine reviews done by the market experts periodically. While Bissell carpet cleaning machines are the most sought after and the market leader, Hoover carpet cleaning machines are not far behind. There are indeed two types of companies, one that put their carpet cleaning machines for sale in the market and the other, which rent carpet cleaning machines. Carpet cleaning machine rentals is, however, much in vogue because of the cost effectiveness and utility. One need not spend a huge amount of their fortune by purchasing expensive machines when taking the services of carpet cleaning machine hire can get you the same result.

The US market is full of companies that lend their carpet cleaning machines for rent. There exists a market for used carpet cleaning machines and equipment too, especially a used truck mount carpet cleaning machine and buyers are always in search of used carpet cleaning equipment for sale.

Below is providing the list of some of the suppliers of carpet cleaning machines and equipments:
Dart Maintenance & Supplies
Their products and services include air cleaning supplies, all purpose cleaners and host carpet cleaning machines.
Web Site:
Reliable Floor Supply
They deal in carpet & rug cleaners, carpet & rug cleaning equipment, carpet extractors and other machines across the country.
Vac City Inc
WilThey supply commercial & industrial vacuums and bag-less vacuums. Their services include sales and repairs of Hoover carpet cleaning machines & parts.

Web Site:

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