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Colorado Foreclosure Procedure

Colorado Foreclosure Procedure involves legal formalities before actually doing the auction of the property. But before foreclosure i.e during the pre-foreclosure phase, homeowner has option to sell the home. During this period he/she will be contacted by many companies and that will give surety of help. But beware! these promises can be false and lead to the foreclosure process.

Colorado Foreclosure Timetable

The process just not start abruptly but Colorado foreclosure timetable or time frames throw enough light on this. Payment for the Home Mortgage Loan is made on the 10th of every month and this has the grace period till 16th . But if the payment is due but made during that very month then it is called delinquent. Now according to the timetable if the payment is not made for the 30 days it is called default, which is followed by the foreclosure.

Foreclosure Law in Colorado

According to foreclosure law in Colorado there exist both non-judicial as well as judicial foreclosures. The power of sale is taken care by the County's Public Trustee who is appointed by the Governor and he/she is also engaged by the private lending company. In Non-Judicial foreclosures, according to the Colorado foreclosure laws, public trustee advertise the notice of sale in the newspaper on the weekly basis and it should come in four consecutive weeks. Then the same is recorded in the by the public trustee in the recorders office. Then the foreclosure process will include the mailing of the notice of the election and demand for sale within the ten days of the publication of notice. Before 21 days of the sale the notice should be sent to the borrowers regarding redemption of the same. Homeowner for the further Colorado foreclosure process can send the notice of intentions atleast seven days before the sale in which all the due payments are made. All the payments such as remaining principle, interest, cost, expenses, attorney' fees and late charges are paid before 12 noon and that too a day earlier than the actual sale.

Foreclosure Procedure in Colorado

According to the foreclosure procedure in Colorado sale process takes place between 45 days to 60 days when the election and demand for sale has been recorded. Further Colorado foreclosure auction will be commenced at any door of the courthouse. Along with this there also exist the right of redemption in Colorado according to the Laws of foreclosure. After the date of sale, homeowner has 75 days to redeem in which the money is paid to the Public Trustee.

If you at present is facing burden of any kind like foreclosure then to understand the foreclosure law, procedure and foreclosure auction process, it is better to consult the professionals in this field. And experienced firm will guide you on the matter of Colorado foreclosure process and can give you many options to protect your home. But there also exist frauds in this matter so always select the firm after knowing the has also given some of the websites showing the details of Colorado foreclosure laws, procedure and law firms giving information on the auction and foreclosure process in detail.
Foreclosure Assistance
Foreclosure Assistance gives information related to the foreclosure laws in Colorado and also offer the free services of consultation.
Colorado Foreclosure Procedure
Frascona, Joiner, Goodman and Greenstein, P.C is a Law Firm in Colorado that handles the cases related to foreclosures in CO along with other real estate related queries. You can take their services if facing hard time of foreclosure.
Hindman Sanchez
Hindman Sanchez is an advisor and a legal counsel that can help you in understanding the foreclosure process and will also tell you the ways of preventing it.
Hindman Sanchez
Hindman Sanchez is an advisor and a legal counsel that can help you in understanding the foreclosure process and will also tell you the ways of preventing it.

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