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Connecticut Real Estate Appraisers

Connecticut Real Estate Appraisers are licensed and controlled by the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection, which is a State regulatory agency for protecting consumers from fraudulence and unethical business practices. In order to provide protection to the citizen of the state, the Department of Consumer Protection in Connecticut offers license to only qualified real estate appraisers and enforce user-friendly laws and regulations, besides organizing various public education activities.

Connecticut Department of Real Estate Appraisers

In order to maintain the standard of professional services in the realm of real estate appraisal, the CT Department of Real Estate Appraisers takes measures to make sure that only highly qualified and competent persons are licensed. Besides offering license, the department also sees to it that all the licensed real estate appraisers should function as per the law of the state. This is ensured through field inspection of appraisal licensees' offices at regular intervals. Besides, it also acts as a primary agency to enforce appraisal law and supervise real estate sales.

Real Estate Appraisal Schools

Connecticut Real Estate Appraiser License

There are real estate appraisal schools that offer professional courses to help you prepare for the exams conducted by the Department of Consumer Protection in Connecticut. These courses cover a wide range of licensing needs of working professionals. There are several types of appraisal licenses, which enables you to choose a particular area of specialization in order to excel in your business.

For example, you may want to gain license to become residential appraisers or land appraisers. Legally speaking, you need a relevant kind of license to make a career in a specialized area of real estate in Connecticut. Licensed or certified appraisers are in much demand, as they prove vital for many businesses or industries. Insurance companies, banks and real estate agents are only a few of these that find it difficult to go along without the cooperation of real estate appraisers and appraisal services.

If you need more information on Connecticut real estate appraisal, log on to the website of CT Department of Consumer Protection (DCP).

Department of Consumer Protection
165 Capitol Avenue
Hartford CT 06106
Phone: (860) 713-6150

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