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CT Foreclosure Auctions

CT Foreclosure Auctions are the part of foreclosure process that can either happen as judicial foreclosure or non judicial foreclosure. The procedure of Connecticut foreclosure auctions may also be defined in the Power of Sale clause under non-judicial foreclosure. If it is there then the auction will be done according to the said date, time and place.

In case of judicial foreclosure the intervention by the court is done on deciding the date, place and time for CT foreclosure auctions. An attorney will also be appointed by the court who will then publish the notice of sale or notice of auction. Along with this the foreclosure auction in Connecticut will also be conducted by the same attorney.

CT Foreclosure Auctions: Procedure

The CT foreclosure auctions take place on Saturday and it is generally held on the concerned property. Lender along with other bidders can also participate in the bidding. Any winning bidder except for lender will have to deposit the amount equal to 10% of the value of property. But still the court takes two weeks time to approve the sale. In case the foreclosure sale has been approved by the court, the bidder then will have to deposit the rest of the amount within 30 days. The court may disapprove the property sale. The debtor during this period can redeem the property by paying the cost and debt.

Connecticut Foreclosures for Sale

To find out Connecticut foreclosure auctions check out different online websites that contain the list of foreclosed homes. Along with this other resources like newspaper, county' office, notice of sale etc can also be checked for the sate of CT foreclosure auctions. Apart from self search, you can also consult the real estate agent or broker who is authorized to keep the information on foreclosure auctions in Connecticut. There are many government approved real estate agents and agencies that can be contacted. Like if you are looking for HUD Foreclosure Homes then either official website of HUD can be visited or authorized agent can be contacted.

Before buying home at Ct foreclosure auction get to know if inspection of the concerned home is allowed or not. If yes then get it done by professional building inspector. Gather the complete information on the condition of the home so that you can save yourself from the extra burden of repairing it.

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