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CT Property Tax

CT Property Tax is assessed and collected individually by each of the 169 towns of the state of Connecticut. The Connecticut General Statutes has defined and delegated statutory powers to each town of the state in this regard. According to the law, a town can levy property taxes to supplement its other revenue resources for paying all of the current expenses of the town.

Connecticut Property Tax Rates

Property tax rates in Connecticut are often considered as high when compared to many other states in the United States of America. Like other states, Connecticut has its own rules and regulations pertaining to the property taxation systems in all area of the state. There are many factors that determines the CT property tax rates and the property holders and real estate owners are required to have a clear understanding of them. On the other hand, property tax calculator can be used to compute the tax rate of several types of properties.

The secretary of the Office of Policy and Management (OPM) performs functions that relate to the assessment or taxation of property, municipal finance and the state grants to municipalities. OPM also brings out summaries of legislation in connection with municipal property taxes.

CT Property Tax Records

Since each town assesses property taxes individually, you will find Assessor Office in each township. Moreover, each town assessor maintains a record of the ownership of real property in the town. Such Property Tax Records in Connecticut help the officials perform various real estate tax related tasks. The property tax laws of the state has defined a uniform rate for the assessment of real property in all the municipalities of the state.

Connecticut Property Tax Law

The owner of real estate property in Connecticut must know the Property Tax Laws of the state to calculate taxes payable and also adhere to the last date of depositing the same. Moreover, they should have some understanding about the latest property tax deduction and exemptions process prevailing in the state. If you fail to meet the deadline for tax payment, you will have to pay interest along with your dues. For more information regarding the CT Property Tax Rates, you may visit the Assessor Office in your town.

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