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Connecticut Foreclosure Mediation Program

Connecticut Foreclosure Mediation Program, FMP was established by the Chief Court Administrator with the main motive of making the communication between lender and borrower very smooth so that matter related to foreclosure can be resolved easily. Any distressed homeowner who is interested in FMP will have to submit the forms and these mediation forms are accepted till June 30, 2010.

Foreclosure Mediaton CT: Overview

CT foreclosure mediation program is applicable to the foreclosure mortgage action in which the property to be foreclosed upon is used as primary residence and is one-four family home. There two forms that are available with the Judicial District clerk's office and Court Service Center. These forms can also be taken online. Link for the same is given at the end of the article. These Connecticut foreclosure mediation program forms are:
  • Foreclosure Mediation Notice to Homeowner (JD-CV-94)
  • Foreclosure Mediation Request (JD-CV-93)

Foreclosure Mediation Forms

In order to inform homeowner on CT foreclosure mediation program, the mortgagee will have to attach the copy of these two forms at the front of foreclosure complaint. During the foreclosure mediation no judgment regarding foreclosure auction is passed . Then the homeowner will have to submit the forms with the court. The mediation period commences with the notice from the court that the homeowner has submitted the foreclosure mediation form with the court. The period is generally of 60 days that can be extended to 30 days by court. The court also has the right to shorten the foreclosure mediation period in Connecticut.

Now within the fifteen days of submission of mediation form the session is called by the court where both the parties communicate with each other and try to resolve the case. During the session the following topics can be addressed:
  • Sale date
  • Restructuring and reinstatement of mortgage
  • Assignment of law days
  • Order of sale for foreclosure
During session, the presence of mortgagor and mortgagee is mandatory. Apart from this the counsel who represents the mortgagee will also have to participate in the Connecticut foreclosure mediation session. For more information on Connecticut Foreclosure Mediation program (FMP) and mediation forms check the given links by an the actual value. With this the real estate sale and sale of the foreclosed homes has gone up. Bank foreclosures in Connecticut are the first among the number of sale.
Connecticut Foreclosure Mediation Forms
Check this web link if you are looking for online mediation forms.
State of Connecticut Judicial Branch
Check out information on CT Foreclosure Mediation Program and related FAQs on the mediation program.

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