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Connecticut Mortgage Brokers

Connecticut mortgage brokers have always assisted the homeowners of the state from quite a long time. They have provided all the necessary helps that most of the home buyers need when they are thinking to obtain home loans to purchase their homes. The services provided by a mortgage broker is slightly different from the services offered by lenders and home loan bankers. While a lenders directly sell it's loan programs to the potential borrowers, a home loan broker sell the loan products of a number of lenders and home loan companies to the borrowers. Not only they sell loan products but they also process the loan programs for the applicants.

Mortgage Brokers in CT offer all the types of USA Mortgage that are available in other states. A reputed Connecticut mortgage broker can bring before the borrowers a huge range of home loan programs that include First mortgage loans, refinance loan terms, fixed or adjustable rate loans, FHA and VA loans, bad credit loans etc.

CT Mortgage Brokers: Services

There are also some benefits for getting home loans from these brokers. These brokers perform majority of the legworks of the loan application and it allow the applicants to get rid of the exhausting paperwork involved with loan application. Moreover, borrowers can get their desired loan terms as the brokers offer several loan programs to choose from. Ct mortgage brokers works in collaboration with several national as well as local lending companies and financial institutes.

They have extensive knowledge of all the features of the mortgage loans and rates available in the state. Moreover, they have good relationship with the real estate agents of Connecticut. Most of these mortgage brokers are also available on the Internet and they are very easy to find. They offer free online quotes and allow the borrowers to compare the rates offered by several lenders.

Connecticut Mortgage Broker License

Home loan brokers of the state are also required to have the Connecticut mortgage broker license to start their lending and loan processing business. The Department of Banking and the Consumer Credit Division regulate the licensing process of the home loan brokers in the state.

Brokers seeking for Connecticut mortgage license are required to have a minimum experience of 3 year as supervisor authority. They are also required to make a surety bond of $40,000 and a licensing fee of $500 should be paid in order to get the mortgage broker license.

CT Mortgage Brokers Association

The Connnecticut Mortgage Brokers Association was established to promote the mortgage lending and selling business in the state. The organization is made up of mortgage broker members operating in Connecticut. The Associaton comes up with a number of training programs and education courses to improve the knowledge of the home loan brokers.
Broker Outpost
Broker Outpost is an online directory where you can find all the top mortgage brokers offering their services in the state of Connecticut. Overall details including the contact details of the brokers are offered in the website of the company.
Hamilton Mortgage Company
Hamilton Mortgage Company is based in Connecticut and it continues to serve the citizens of the state by offering creative lending services. The company has a good relationship with national as well as local lenders of Connecticut.
AAXA Discount Mortgage
AAXA Discount Mortgage is a reliable online home loan broker offering beneficial services in Connecticut. With free quotes from multiple lenders the company endeavors to offer competitive rates on each of their loan programs.

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