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Delaware Foreclosure Process

Delaware Foreclosure Process takes place only with judicial foreclosure. From filing of foreclosure to foreclosure sale, it nearly takes 5 to 6 months to complete the foreclosure process. In the law suit instead of foreclosure generally "scire facias sur mortgage" or "sci fa sur mortgage" are used, which are Latin words meaning foreclosure. The foreclosure process is started by the lender with Notice of default when the borrower lags behind in making the payment. This is also called Notice of Delinquency. Borrower must take firm step during this stage to stop the DE foreclosure process. Communicating with the lender is must to do thing that can resolve the most insidious issue.

Along with Notice of Default, some lenders also give Notice of Acceleration if mentioned in the mortgage's acceleration clause. This is also called demand letter in which the dues are mentioned. But if the borrower does not respond to this then the lender can go for foreclosure. So get legal advice as soon as possible from the legal attorney.

Foreclosure Process in Delaware: Procedure

According to the Delaware foreclosure process, the notice will be served by Sheriff if the case is filed in the Superior Court. This will Contain the following documents
  • Summons
  • Copy of mortgage (Certified)
  • Complaint
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices act disclosure
  • Notice to Lien Holders and Tenants for filing of action
Borrower is now required to respond within 20 days of getting the notice. If you wont respond within said period the default judgment against you will be given. You will have to answer all the complaints in the affidavit of demand according to foreclosure process in DE. This again needs legal attorney to represent you in the court. After submitting this the court will send Case Scheduling Order. The date and time mentioned in the order must be taken seriously and it is imperative for you or your attorney to appear before court on the said date.

Now if the borrower fails to deposit the required amount, then the notice of sale is issued. It is also mailed to the homeowner at least ten days before the sale.

Advertisement for auction is also published in the county's newspaper for two consecutive weeks. Once all the legalities are over the home is sold in the auction.

Delaware foreclosure process also has the right of redemption after sale to get back your home. Along with this if lender has suffered from any loss even after foreclosure auction then lending institute also go for the deficiency judgment. So the foreclosure procedure should be understood completely in order to stop it. For more information re on Delaware foreclosure process, laws, rates also check the other pages of
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