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Florida Mortgage Foreclosure

Florida mortgage foreclosure rate is increasing due to the rise in the number of homeowners making defaults on their home loan payments. Most homeowners in Florida buy their home with the help of mortgage loans offered by numerous lending companies and banks. Unfortunately, some homeowners are unable to pay make their loan repayment in time due to certain financial difficulties. As a consequence, the lenders will finally cease the homes of the borrowers on foreclosure. Later, they will sell these foreclosed homes in order to make up their loss. Mortgage foreclosure in Florida can be quite annoying for the homeowners as it will have serious effects on their credit status and financial abilities.

Florida Mortgage Foreclosure Law

Florida has mortgage foreclosure law and all the foreclosure activities should be conducted under the rules and regulations. It is a judicial foreclosure state where a civil action is required to be commenced before foreclosing a delinquent loan. The lenders are required to file a lawsuit against the borrowers in order to foreclose their homes.

After the approval of the law court, the lender will sell the property of the borrower at foreclosure auction to the highest bidder of the day. The proceeds for sale of the foreclosed property is received by the lender. However, if there is no bidding for the property, the title of the home or the property will be transferred to the lender. Then, the lender will sell the home in the open market to cover up the loss on the mortgage loan.

FL Mortgage Foreclosure Complaints

According to the Florida mortgage foreclosure law, the lenders are required to file the foreclosure complaint on the first day of the proceeding of lawsuit. This mortgage foreclosure complaint is also served to the borrowers and homeowners. If the borrowers fail to answer the complaint within 20 to 30 days then the court will grant the lender to foreclose the property and sell it within 30 days. The hearing will be announced within 90 to 120 days from the date of filing the mortgage complaint. Within 120 to 150 days, the property will be sold out at the public auction to the highest bidder.

Mortgage Foreclosure Help

Every borrower want to avoid foreclosure as it is quite irritating to lose their home due to late payments. However, there are still some mortgage foreclosure helps that you could get to avoid home foreclosure. Loan forbearance, reinstatement plan, loan modification, loan restructuring, loan refinance and short sales are some of the alternatives to home foreclosure. Borrowers should seek the assistance of mortgage foreclosure attorneys if they are most likely to face foreclosure of their homes.
At, you will be able to find the most reliable foreclosure attorneys who can help you to avoid home foreclosure. The professional team of attorneys offer a variety of services relating to foreclosure activities.
Visit if you are looking to buy a foreclosed property in the state of Florida. This online foreclosure listing provide details on a large number if foreclosed homes in Florida.
Website: offer comprehensive details on foreclosure law enacted in Florida. You can get all the information relating to foreclosure activities prevalent in the state.

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