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Florida Real Estate License Law

Florida Real Estate License Law was passed in 1923 by the Florida Legislature in the chapter 475 of Florida Statutes. According to this licensing law, the Florida Real Estate Commission was established in 1925 that had been given the rights to issue, revoke and deny the license. Furthermore for Real Estate Law, in 1979 the Florida Real Estate Commission came under the Florida Department of Regulation, which was combined to Business in 1993 and the Florida Department of Real Estate and Business Regulation< came into existence.

Real Estate License Law Florida: Overview

According to the Florida Real Estate License Law, there are two types of professionals to whom the license is issued. These are:
  • Salesperson
  • Broker
Further as per real estate law Florida, both of these professionals are required to complete the compulsory education. This can be taken from the accredited school, community colleges, technical centers, university or from the licensed real estate schools. Here the rule 61J2-3.008 is applicable that makes the school to give the information pertaining to standards and requirements of the course obligatorily at the beginning of course.

Along with course, Florida Real Estate License Law has also established the application requirements. For the license application, the form that has been given by the Florida Real Estate Commission should only be filled. The age of the licensee must be 18 or above that to meet the requirements.

Any resident licensee who becomes non-resident must notify the same to the Real Estate Commission within 60 days according to the Florida Real Estate Law. If the notification has not been given then the licensee is fined $100 and issued a citation as per Section 475.17(7) of the Real Estate License Law in FL.

Further according to the Law the state can enter into mutual agreement with other states. The candidates from the other states under mutual recognition agreement are exempted from pre-licensing course in FL but they have to sit for state level portion of real estate license exam covering Florida Real Estate Law and clear it with prescribed marks. Along with this Florida Real Estate License Law also devise the post-licensing and continuing education requirements for the salesperson and brokers.

According to Florida Real Estate License Law, there are eight services that a licensed professional can provide. These services are better be remembered as A BAR SALE, where

A BAR SALE stands for

  A   Advertise real estate services
  B   Buy
  A   Appraise
  R   Rent or provide rental information or lists
  S   Sell
  A   Auction
  L   Lease
  E   Exchange

So the Florida Real Estate License Law since its inception is guiding and making the rules for professionals so that consumers get the best of the services in FL real estate. To get further detail on Florida real estate license aspects visit the other pages of Also check the given links for info on Florida real estate license laws.
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