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Florida Section 8 Program

In general, Florida Section 8 Program refers to tenant-based Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program in which a tenant has to pay only 30 percent of his/her monthly adjusted income for rent. The rest of the rental payment is made by the housing authority which has issued the voucher to the tenant and is bound to make the payment under a contract known as Housing Assistance Payment (HAP). The housing authority continues to fulfill the obligations of the contract until the total amount of the rent payable to the landlord remains below a pre-determined payment standard.

Applications are accepted from eligible families when the housing authority opens its Section 8 waiting list for HCV and other housing assistance programs, such as Project-Based Voucher Program, Moderate Rehabilitation Program and Substantial Rehabilitation Program. It is usually the first few months of a year that you find waiting lists for most cities open. The funds available at a particular PHA administering the programs are limited and thus it has to close waiting list when the number of applicants becomes more than what it can manage conveniently.

Section 8 Program in Florida

Section 8 Program in Florida can be either a tenant-based program or a project-based one. Both kinds of assistance allow you to pay only 30 percent of your monthly adjusted income for rent. However, there is a difference. With a tenant-based voucher you can move to another rental unit anywhere in Florida and even outside the state while continue to availing the benefits of Section 8 rental assistance. On the other hand, a project-based voucher is attached to a particular building usually maintained by a government agency, and you cease to get the housing assistance any longer once you leave that building. Your voucher will be given to the next tenant that comes to live in the apartment you are leaving.

The most popular tenant-based program is obviously Housing Choice Voucher Program, while the project-based rental assistance programs may include Project-Based Voucher Program, Moderate Rehabilitation Program and Substantial Rehabilitation Program. The eligibility requirements and the benefits you can get are more or less the same with any of these Section 8 programs. These federally-funded programs are administered by local housing authorities under the guidelines determined by HUD regarding eligibility, housing quality standards, income limits and other requirements.

Section 8 Program Requirements

Depending on the typical housing needs of the communities that a housing authority serves, its Section 8 Program Requirements may be different from what have been determined by HUD. In general, an individual with income less than 50 percent of area median income is suitable to apply for a Section 8 program in Florida.

The exact income limits is based on HUD's guidelines, but may vary for each city in the State. Apart from the income limit, the size of a family, its rental history and qualification as a family with minor children, disabled persons or veterans, and several other factors may be considered by a PHA to determine the Section 8 program requirements in Florida.

To get a complete understanding of these eligibility requirements, you need to contact the housing authority you are applying, either in person or online. For general information on Florida Section 8 Program as well as to get a list of PHA's serving your area in Florida, follow the link given below:


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