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Florida Section 8 Qualifications

Florida Section 8 qualifications comprise aspects like applicant's gross income, family size, whether the family is qualified as a family with minor children, disabled or elderly persons and applicant's present living circumstances. Section 8, which is also known as Housing Choice Voucher Program, is a rental assistance program for low-income communities living anywhere in Florida. The HCV program gets its funds from the federal government through agencies like HUD, but it is the local public housing agencies in Florida that actually administers it.

The housing eligibility requirements for Section 8 voucher programs are determined by HUD for each individual location in Florida and elsewhere in the US. The PHA serving your area uses the income limits and other eligibility guidelines set by HUD to accept applications for a Section 8 housing assistance program. Section 8 vouchers can be used to avail rental accommodation either in the public housing units maintained by local housing authorities or in private rental market at a subsidized rent.

Section 8 Housing Eligibility in Florida

Though housing eligibility requirements for most Section 8 programs are based on HUD's guidelines, variations may be found at different housing authorities in Florida. As a result, you need to contact a particular PHA to know exactly about its housing eligibility criteria and qualification requirements. Section 8 qualifications do not vary for tenant-based programs and project-based programs, but a PHA may reserve some percentage of its vouchers for the latter ones.

The basic aim of the housing assistance programs is to help low-income families rent an apartment that is safe, decent, sanitary and affordable. Thus, it is mainly the total income of a family that determines its eligibility for housing choice voucher programs. Before applying, you must check whether your household income is below the income limits set by HUD for that particular city. The income eligibility for a family is considered in terms of its size and the area median income (AMI). As a result, the actual income limits may vary for different families residing in different cities of Florida.

Florida Section 8 Income Limits

Florida Section 8 income limits are based on the Income Limits Schedule published annually by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. While determining the income limits, the AMIs for each city and county of Florida are taken into consideration.

A family having income below 30 percent of AMI is described as an extremely low income family, while the one having income below 50 percent of AMI is grouped under very low-income families. Any family with income below 80 percent of AMI can be described as a low-income family, but it may not find it possible to qualify for Section 8 programs in all cities.

To get a complete understanding of Florida Section 8 income limits and to know whether you qualify for a particular PHA's section 8 voucher program, follow the link given below:


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