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Georgia Mortgage Rates

Georgia mortgage rates are very affordable at present and there are many rate options available for the home buyers. Interest rate is one of the most important things that borrowers are required to consider when buying any type of home loan. Like other states of the US, mortgage rates in Georgia are available in fixed-rate as well as adjustable-rate option. Moreover, there are several types of home loans with unique rate conditions and some of them are first time mortgage, refinance loan, FHA & VA loan, mobile home loan and reverse mortgage.

Current Mortgage Rates In Georgia

The following is a chart showing the current GA mortgage rates condition:

For home loans up to $417,000 Current rate APR
30 year FRM 4.125 4.517
15 year FRM 4.000 4.562
For home loans up to 1,000,000
5 year ARM 4.500 4.458
5 year interest only ARM 4.500 4.437
FHA rates
30 year fixed 4.500 4.953
15 year fixed 4.250 4.809

Low Mortgage Rates: Determining Factors

If you are looking for a Georgia mortgage plan to finance a new home then finding the lowest possible rate is very essential if you want to get a number of benefits. There are also certain things that you are required to keep in mind while searching for your low rate loan. First of all, make sure that you are comparing several rates from a number of lenders and home loan companies. Interest rates can change on daily basis and if you are comparing the rates offered by multiple lenders then it should be done in the same day. The next important thing is to compare the points and the lenders fee for the loan program.

The state law of Georgia impose property tax on real estate properties and it is important for the borrowers to get details on the tax conditions before making any loan application. In case, if you are thinking to avail a refinance mortgage then you are required to review the price of closing cost, the title insurance and the appraisal.

It is advisable for you to deal only with those lenders who guarantee their closing costs in advance. You could also go for a No closing cost loan but remember that the closing costs may be included in the principal amount of the loan. To find the right loan term at low rate, you should use the mortgage calculator that can tell several vital information about the loan features.
Monterey Mortgage Corporation
Monterey Mortgage Corporation is a licensed home loan company offering low rate mortgage programs in Georgia. The website of the company also features loan calculator to help to get vital details on your loan option.
Georgia Prime Mortgage
At Georgia Prime Mortgage, you will be able to get a number of low rate loan programs to choose from. The company is widely known for its quick approval process and customer services.
Atlanta Mortgage Group
Atlanta Mortgage Group is a licensed mortgage broker offering its services in Florida and Georgia. They offer a variety of low rate mortgage programs from several top lenders and home loan companies.
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