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Georgia Property Tax

Georgia Property Tax is an ad valorem tax. It implies that the property tax will be applicable to the value of a real property, which is an indicator of the wealth a person possesses. According to the Georgia Laws, all real property and personal property are subject to property tax provided that they have not been exempted by some provisions of laws. Real property consists of lands and the structures that are built on lands, while personal property is everything other than real estate that can be owned.

GA Property Taxes

Georgia Property Taxes are charged against the citizens who own real property in the state and subsequently, they are required to file property tax returns with their respective county tax commissioner's office or the county tax assessor's office, as the case may be. The GA Property Tax return must be filed in the county where the real property is located. In fact, it is the local Assessors Office of a county that is responsible for the Georgia Property Tax Assessments and calculation of GA Property Tax Rates as per the law of the state.

Hence, you will have to find Georgia Real Estate Tax related information separately for each county. You can visit the county tax commissioner's office to pay your tax bill, file for homestead exemptions or receive property tax returns. On the other hand, you can visit the county tax assessor's office to file an appeal of property tax assessment or the appraised value on your home.

GA Property Tax Form

Property tax forms in the state of Georgia are available online. Real estate property owners can either purchase these forms or download them and use it for tax payments. Property Taxes in GA are due by the 20th of December for most of the counties. The owners of the real estate in Georgia must pay their respective property taxes in time, otherwise they will have to pay interest on the dues and may also have to undergo some severe actions by the authorities. The money you pay as Property Tax in Georgia is used for the support of services, the local and the state government provides to you.
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