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Georgia Real Estate Tax

Georgia Real Estate Tax is levied on the land and the structures attached to it in the county where it is located. It is an ad valorem tax and hence is calculated on the basis of the current market value of the real property concerned. The last date of the collection of real estate taxes may differ from one county to another but for most of them it is usually between January 1 and April 1 for the year preceding to the date of tax return filing. The tax return is filed in the county where the taxable property lies. The real estate taxes collected from the residents of Georgia are used to pay for the various administrative and development activities carried out by the local and State government.

Georgia Real Estate Tax Records

It is the Georgia Department of Revenue that provides statewide administration and assistance for property tax collection and helps counties maintain a complete database of all tax records. To access these real estate tax records in GA, one needs to go the individual website of the county you belong to. The county websites allow you to search real estate tax records and also to pay your property tax bills online. Though the Department of Revenue provide support to individual counties for all aspects of property taxes, it cannot be held responsible for the maintenance of real estate tax records. On the other hand, the responsibility for the valuation of a taxable property lies on the Board of Tax Assessors and the Tax Commissioner can be held responsible for the collection of the real estate taxes.

Georgia Real Estate Transfer Tax

Georgia real estate transfer tax is applicable when the sale of a real property occurs and the title of the same changes hands in ownership. It is an excise tax that is required to paid before the recording of a deed or any other security instrument or writing at the office of the clerk of the superior court. A certification is attached to the deed and other relevant instrument when the tax has been paid by the concerning parties. The real estate transfer tax is usually paid by the seller of the real property. The format of the Georgia real estate transfer tax form has been determined by the Department of Revenue incorporating the revisions of Senate Bill 97. The procedure to complete the form online has been established by Georgia Superior Court Clerks Cooperative Authority (GSCCCA).

Georgia Real Estate Tax Credit

Georgia real estate tax credit is given to eligible residents for purchase of new homes provided they fulfill the criteria laid out by the tax authority in Georgia. Evan a first time home buyer in GA can also found to be eligible for real estate tax credit. Recently, a bill is signed to provide up to $1800 in tax credits to home buyers in Georgia. Only single-family homes and condos are taken into consideration while providing the financial assistance through Georgia real estate tax credit.

Georgia Real Estate Tax Rates

Georgia real estate tax rates are based on the millage rates which are different for each county in the State. The millage, which equals one dollar per $1000 of assessed value, is determined by the board of county commissioners every year. The average millage rate in the state is 0.25 mills. The assessment of real properties is done at local level by authorized appraisers, usually at 40 percent of the prevailing market value. For more on the real estate tax rates of each county, visit individual website of the county you live.
Georgia Department of Revenue
The official guide to help you obtain information regarding all aspects of Georgia real estate taxes including tax credit, rates, records, exemptions, calculator, bill, sales, increase, transfer tax, forms, tax assessors and many more.
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Understanding Georgia real estate tax and issues concerning it has been made simpler by this website. A storehouse of information helps you know more about taxation, banks, and finance related issues in GA.
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