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Georgia Section 8 Landlord

Georgia Section 8 landlord is responsible for the screening of a family willing to rent his/her property under the rental assistance program administered by DCA. The landlord has complete freedom to either accept the family as a tenant or refuse to do so if the family in question does fulfill his/her requirements. The landlord must also ensure that the property offered to the Section 8 voucher holder is at par with the housing quality standards of HUD. Indeed, the tenant can start living at this rental property only after it has gone through a quality inspection check by the concerned Section 8 office in Georgia.

The landlord has to fully comply with the Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) Contract as long as the tenant stays at the rental house in accordance with the terms of the lease agreement. The Housing Assistance Payments Contract, which is signed between the landlord and DCA, identifies issues governing the payment of the rent, such as monthly rent amount, initial lease term, security deposit and assistance payment amount. In case of the termination of the lease, either by landlord or tenant, the contract terminates automatically.

How to Become a Section 8 Landlord in Georgia

To become a Section 8 landlord in Georgia you need to approach the regional office of DCA that serves your area. If your property is located in any of the ten counties not served by DCA, you will have to find out the local housing authority that administers Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program in that area. After identifying the Section 8 office for your area, call its staff or visit its premises to enroll yourself as a Section 8 Landlord. The application process completes when your name is added to the county landlord database as an available Section 8 landlord.

The property listing services provided by DCA is a great assistance for landlords as well as tenants. The listing service is available free of cost and you get an opportunity to find a prospective tenant in an easy and instant manner. Moreover, by becoming a Section 8 landlord in Georgia you do not lose your rights as the owner of the property, though you are required to follow the rules of DCA in order to get assistance payment from it well on time. HUD has published guidelines for Section 8 landlords which can be accessed online from its website. You can also get valuable information in this regard from a regional office of the Georgia Department of Community Affairs. Visit the website mentioned below to get more information on Georgia Section 8 Landlord. The website also provides access to resources like landlord guide, HAP contract, HQS inspection booklet, payment standards, request for tenancy approval and other landlord requirements.

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