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Georgia Section 8 Program

Georgia Section 8 Program is a rental assistance program for people who cannot afford to live in a house available at a rent higher than their capacity to pay. The program is funded by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and is administered by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) in 149 of Georgia's 159 counties. The administration of the program, which is also known as Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program, in the remaining 10 counties of the state is handled by their respective housing authorities.

The HCV program offers assistance to different categories of low-income families in paying rent for the dwelling unit they have rented in the private rental market. Depending on the income of the participant, the DCA or the HA, as the case may be, pays a portion of the fair market rent as agreed under a Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) contract, to the landlord of the rental unit. It is usually the difference between 30 percent of the income of a Section 8 voucher holder and the actual rent based on the FMR determined by the concerned housing authority.

Section 8 Program in Georgia

To get rental assistance under the Section 8 program in Georgia, you need to approach the housing authority that serves your area. As it is stated earlier, it is the Georgia Department of Community Affairs that administer Housing Choice Voucher program in most counties of the state. Thus you will get complete information regarding the Section 8 program requirements and application process from any of its six regional offices in Georgia or online from its website.

DCA has been offering HCV program in the state since it became a signatory of its first Annual Contributions Contract with HUD in 1976. Along with this, DCA administers a number of other renal assistance programs, which are mentioned below:
  • Project Based Program
  • Prosperity Voucher Program
  • Enhanced Voucher Program
  • Family Self Sufficiency
  • Homeownership Program
  • Disaster Housing Assistance Program
  • DCA/DHR Housing Initiative
  • Mainstream Housing Choice Voucher Program

The detailed information regarding all these programs can be had from the website of DCA. The major objectives of all these rental assistance programs are to assist low-income families in paying the rent for a well-maintained housing accommodation, to provide them an opportunity to select the home of their choice, to encourage landlords to rent their properties to the program participants and also to help Section 8 voucher holders own a home using their housing choice vouchers.

Housing Choice Voucher Program in Georgia

You can participate in the Housing Choice Voucher Program in Georgia only if you fulfill the eligibility requirements of HUD as well as any addition made to these by the agency administering the program in your area. The HUD guidelines for eligible Section 8 applicants include the following:
  • Only a family consisting of a single person or a group of persons can apply for Section 8 program in Georgia.
  • The gross income of a family must be at par with the income limits set for the location of application.
  • The assistance can be provided only to the US citizens living in Georgia or those having eligible immigration status.
  • The applicants must furnish details regarding Social Security Number (SSN) and birth dates of all family members excluding children below age 6.
The applicants are initially placed on a waiting list in an order that is based on the factors governing their eligibility for the GA Section 8 program. The verification for these eligibility factors is done only after the selection of a family from the Section 8 waiting list. Remember that an application can only be accepted when the waiting list for a particular county is open. To check this you must contact DCA or your local housing authority in Georgia. Here are the contact details of DCA.

Georgia Department of Community Affairs
60 Executive Park South, N.E.
Atlanta, Georgia 30329-2231
Phone: (404) 327-7912 , (888) 858-6085
TDD: (404) 679-4915, (800) 736-1155
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