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Home Cleaning

In US, Home Cleaning is a major business, as people need to clean their houses while moving-in and moving-out of a rental homes. House cleaning also becomes imperative when you are preparing for some special event and time when your house really needs some expert hands for cleaning. Life is becoming very fast and when both the partners are working then cleaning the house comes last in the list of priorities. Earlier the housekeepers & home cleaners were looked upon as secluded persons but now it has become the respectable business. Home cleaners get decent podium in the society.
USA Housecleaning business is more popular with stay at home moms as it like freelancing and they get quality time for their families. Also many people prefer to do house cleaning business as it involves negligible initiation cost.

It is quiet a profitable business so on an average USA house cleaners earn $15-17 an hour. As a cleaner and earner be certain to inform Internal Revenue Services (IRS) regarding your income. If you are planning to open a house cleaning business then you will have to be systematic with plenty of innovative cleaning ideas and hints that takes less time and give satisfactory cleaning job:

  • Choose the appropriate name of home cleaning services
  • Get you house cleaning company insured. Taking services from an insured home cleaning company give relaxation to the clientele as well as the cleaners. It also reflects professionalism on the part of cleaner. Liability insurance, which is against the allegations of damage, is not expensive and normally cost less than $300 per year.
  • Get the copy of police record along with the copy of background check. Required form and application is available with the Police Station, City Hall and Trooper Barrack and can be submitted with the fees ranging from $3 to $15. Within two weeks of submission you will get it back with an official stamp showing no police record and clear background.
  • Prepare the information packet. This is a sort of house cleaning kit containing policy, procedures, background check & insurance. Policy defines the work conditions like days and hours of working, mode of payment etc. According to your client's needs you can also make custom work order especially meant for that particular client. After cleaning leave checked off work done list to avoid any confusion in the form of checklist.
  • For advertisement of home cleaning services there exists many mediums. Flyers, business cards, ad in the local newspaper, brochures, advertise your business name along with contact information on your car, door hangers and house cleaning website can be used depending upon budget and need. After initial step up you can also start referral programs.
  • Purchase cleaning supplies and these supplies cost not more than $100
You can start the business with free or discounted cleaning for your family & friends.

As a cleaner your rates should be competitive. Cleaning rates should not be too less or too high. To get the estimate on the rates, do the market survey like what other companies are charging & you can be slightly less than the big sharks.

US home cleaning companies give professional home cleaning tips that are beneficial for doing the work on own. Also along with this at national level, natural cleaning products that are non-toxic with aromatherapy are the most desired things and such USA house cleaning products are catching fire. Traditional homemade and home cleaning remedies are again getting their place in the system of cleaning. Moreover chemical based cleaning products cost more.

Cleaning tips in the websites are present in abundant that has really alleviated the housecleaning. Many house-cleaning guides are full of natural remedies and list of cleaning solutions for the hard stains on carpet, upholstery, doors and other household things. While tackling the cleaning, definite home cleaning schedule is necessary. House cleaning checklist should be prepared for a successful plan. Along with residential cleaning, new construction cleaning is also done but cost more than the former.

For this you need ladders, kits with elongated extensions for cleaning windows etc. These cleaning jobs are work of 2-3 persons. Before availing services of US house cleaners it is good to talk to the referrals, read reviews and do the rating.

These days at National level, house-cleaning market contains many home cleaning tips, services and jobs, which are also available for reading purposes. Cleaning services for commercial building and offices are also in demand in USA. US cleaners are professional and give extensive cleaning services.

As a professional US home cleaner according to your state you are eligible for tax deductions and insurance taken & advertising costs are tax deductible. Local taxation laws should be checked to avail available deductions.
US Home/House Cleaning Services
My Maid: My Maid offers residential as well as office cleaning services in Florida, Ontario, Canada. Depending upon the cleaning schedules and needs My Maid team increases or decreases its members.

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House/Homes Cleaning Business in USA
Atlanta Maid & House Cleaning Service LLC: Atlanta Maid & House Cleaning Service LLC offers cleaning services in cleaning kitchen appliances, living rooms, dining room, bathroom and bedroom.

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Home Cleaning
Cleaning Services: Cleaning Services offers house cleaning, commercial cleaning, carpet & window cleaning. For one time cleaning services they charge on the hourly basis. Residential cleaning includes cleaning of kitchen, all rooms & bathrooms.

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House Cleaning Checklist
Home Cleaning Centers of America: Home Cleaning Centers of America are specialized in residential home cleaning. Home Cleaning Centers of America is located in almost all the states and give full range of cleaning services.

Web Site:
US Floor Cleaning, Floor Cleaning Services
US House Cleaning, House Cleaning Services

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