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House Cleaning

House Cleaning is often overlooked though a regular cleaning schedule keeps the inside and outside of your house free from dust, cobwebs and harmful insects. The drudgery of doing the same kinds of activities every few days involving a substantial amount of time and lots of efforts is what makes house cleaning difficult for most people. Despite the emergence of high performing home cleaning equipments and availability of maids, janitors and professional cleaning service providers, you have to meddle into the cleaning chores. This is probably because you know your home more than anyone else. It is always a better approach to have a house cleaning checklist ready well before starting to clean. This is to ensure that no corner or no object is left when you are done with the job.

House Cleaning Checklist

Make separate checklists for the bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms, stairs and other areas. Take a moment and make a list of all things that are there and need cleaning.

Bathroom: Make sure the sink, tub and shower tiles are cleaned, disinfected and rinsed. Toilet base and its rim should be cleaned, disinfected and wiped from inside as well as outside. Wipe down window sills and baseboards. Clean mirror and change towels. Finally vacuum the floor and clean it using a mop. After every cleaning session check that trash is emptied.

Kitchen: Ensure than proper cleaning and wiping have been done for countertops, cabinet fronts, appliances like microwave, refrigerator, and dishes. Scrub the sinks and disinfect them. Wash tables and chairs, and empty trash. Vacuum floor, mop and let it dry.

Bedrooms: Make beds and change linens. Vacuum carpets and dust picture frames, baseboards, lampshades and other objects. Also see that all areas in the room including window sills are dusted and cleaned. Check if trash is emptied.

Similarly, you can make a checklist for other areas, such as living rooms, stairs and hallways. Refer to the checklist whenever you need to clean your home or get it cleaned from a professional provider of house cleaning services. The cleaning will be complete and no corner is left, thus exuding a shiny, dust free look everywhere.

House Cleaning Schedule

As the present city lifestyle has left us with little time to spare for daily cleaning activities, we can find solutions by making a workable schedule of what to do and when. The house cleaning schedule we make must incorporate our preferences for cleanliness and offer convenience while executing the same. For example, if you have not many people staying at your home and most of the time they remain outside it, a weekly or even monthly schedule may suffice your need. But if the number of family members is more or there is more possibility of dirt and dust, you will need a daily house cleaning schedule instead.

The cleaning schedule also varies for different areas and for different objects. It is better to keep a calendar with a completely organized cleaning schedule for each item and for every part of the house. This will act as a reminder to tell you when a cleaning job should be taken.

House Cleaning Tips

It often helps to keep certain things in your mind and pay attention to some really useful house cleaning tips while doing your cleaning chores. For example, you may do the job faster if you clean from top to bottom, right to left and back to front. Similarly, clean as you move from one area to another working on all that come in your way. Keep all your cleaning equipments and other supplies in a basket or bucket along with you. Start with dusting and then take up vacuuming. While dusting, start from the top of the cabinets or shelves and move the dust down to a lower level. This way the dust will come down the floor where you can easily vacuum it away. Keep browsing the pages of this website or use the resources provided here to get more house cleaning tips and other information pertaining to house cleaning business, rates, agreement, advertising and many more.
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