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How to Buy Foreclosures

How To Buy Foreclosures is a big question in everybody's mind whether at present they want to buy a foreclosed home or not. Foreclosure is the process against the property for which borrower hasn't made the payment of Home Mortgage Loan on time. Then the bank to recover the money either conduct the foreclosure auction or repossessed the home.

The entire foreclosure process can be categorized as:
  • Pre-foreclosure
  • Foreclosure auction
  • Real Estate Owned/REO/Bank Owned Properties
Home buyer can buy foreclosed real estate during Pre-foreclosure process directly from the home owner, as in this stage owner holds the title of the foreclosed property. Now if you are interested in buying a foreclosure home during preforeclosure then the best way is to go through the attorney or legal advisor or trustee who has the information regarding the property's sale. After this get information on the neighborhood and value of the property in comparison to other properties in that area. If everything goes in the favor of buying, then consult the homeowner for pre-foreclosure sale. There are many websites that show the pre-foreclosure properties and contact information of the homeowner. Some of the pre-foreclosure homes can be bought with no money down or with little amount as down payment. You will get priority over investors for buying such distressed properties. With no money down payment option many first time home buyers are also investing in these properties who were earlier reluctant in buying these foreclosed real estates.

Then, buying foreclosed houses can also be done during Auction. Foreclosure auction generally takes place at the door of the courthouse where property is located or it can take place at the property itself. If you are concerned on how to buy a foreclosure property during auction then research is needed on the part of buyer. Getting preliminary info and checking your financial limit will remain the same but in this case you will have to check the newspaper for details on the foreclosure auction. For this you can go to the recorder office in the county. In this office complete list on foreclosed properties and houses to be auctioned with date, time and place is mentioned. Along with this property detail has also been given. Now if you are the highest bidder then you will have to make the the payment that can be percentage of total amount.

In case bank or mortgage lender is unable to sell the foreclosure home in any of the two stages then it is owned by the bank as Real Estate Owned.

For buying bank owned house you can directly consult the mortgage lender or bank who posses the foreclosed home at that time as REO. Most of the banks also have asset management department that can guide you on how to buy bank foreclosure. So now first answer to how to buy foreclosure homes is the stage during which you want to buy. For this you will have to select the area where you want to buy a home and then find out the foreclosure homes and make their list specifying the price and stage. You can also read our article on US Real Estate Foreclosure for more understanding on the entire foreclosure process.

For finding a foreclosed home first of all check the list of websites that are showing listing of foreclosure houses, which can be during any phase of the foreclosure. After this you can check the newspaper for notice of sale, notice of default for the auction. These notice contain the place, time and date of foreclosure auction. Along with this contact the Real Estate Agent for finding and buying foreclosed real estate and other properties.

Also before buying foreclosed houses you should be clear of what you can afford. For this consult your mortgage lender. Based on your financial condition mortgage lender will give you a pre-approval certificate that will show the amount you can borrow. With secured things in your hand you can make the bargain for buying foreclosure properties.

Now besides bank foreclosure or mortgage foreclosure there also exist foreclosure homes by government. Listing of such foreclosed properties is done separately. These include HUD homes, VA foreclosure homes and FHA foreclosed properties. If you you are interested in buying any of these foreclosure homes then you will have to check the separate listing provided in their official website. If not then each city in US has authorized agents of these government agencies who can be consulted for finding the foreclosed homes.

These are the different sources that can be used for buying foreclosure house and foreclosure real estate. Now last but not the least on how to buy foreclosure real estate is that you will have to check if the inspection of the property is permitted or not. If yes then hire a professional inspector to check the condition of the foreclosed home. You can also check our pages on foreclosure listing, foreclosure laws and foreclosure homes for all the states of US.

All the best in buying foreclosed houses !!!

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