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HUD Home Buying

HUD Home Buying is not similar to regular home buying from the private homeowners. The main advantage of buying HUD home is that you need not go through those buyer and seller discussions that takes lots of time. Buying HUD properties means you are investing on foreclosure houses that are owned by the US Department if Housing and Urban Development. Although purchasing a HUD house can be bit easier but you will have to follow the said procedure for the same.

FHA, the Federal Housing Administration, which is a part of HUD, offers variety of Home Mortgage Loan through its approved lenders. These loans are thus insured by FHA so that the lender has the surety of getting money. Now if the borrower because of any reason is unable to pay the amount then FHA will pay the amount to the mortgage lender. The said property is then foreclosed and owned by HUD. These homes are then made available to the home buyers, who will use it as their primary residence.

But how to buy HUD homes is still a question. So to buy HUD houses, the Housing and Urban Development Authority has made management companies. You can contact these management companies if interested in buying HUD homes. Besides this there are many authorized Real Estate Agents and dealers who can sell these homes. These agents have HUD Home Listings, so can be contacted for buying HUD properties.

The price of the home is according to the fair market value that is calculated after appraising the house. But, as HUD does not make any repair in the property. These are sold as AS-IS i.e without warranty, so this things should be kept in mind.

HUD home buying is done by making a bid but the offer is made by the certified real estate agent. So if you want to buy HUD home then you need a property agent. The time of making a bid is called offer period during which bid from owner occupants is received.

After the end of this period HUD home buying is made open to all. Notification of acceptance is sent to the your property agent if the bid is accepted. After which the settlement date is given that is generally 30-60 days from the date of contract.

After buying a HUD home, the agents are given commission by the department that can be upto 6%. So making a contract with the agent be sure to check if it is written in the contract or not. Once your bid has been accepted you can get the home inspected by professional inspector. This should be done before an offer of purchase. Along with this if you are unable to close the sale within given period of time then you can ask for the extension of time that is available for 15 days and after the payment of fees.

Now before buying HUD properties also get the required finance from your mortgage lender so that you can be in a better position of buying a house. So the to buy HUD houses you will have to select the real estate agent who is certified to make bid for these homes. If these homes are not sold withing six months, then HUD gives these properties to the government agencies and non profit organization for $1, which are then given to the homeless families. has also given the list of websites that throw light on How to buy HUD homes and ways to buy HUD houses.
The HUD Home Buying Guide
The HUD Home Buying Guide gives the detailed information on how to buy HUD home/houses. You can also check mortgage payment calculator for calculating the mortgage payment that is given on this page.
Home has the listing of available HUD homes. Buying HUD homes have become simple with this website but for the procedure you will have to contact the real estate agent who can make bid and help you in HUD home buying.
PEMCO, Ltd is a management company that is certified by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development to sell the HUD homes. IT contains the list of HUD home for six states that you can check and buy.

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