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HUD Home Loans

HUD Home loans are one of the best ways to finance a home in any region of the United States. Owning a home is the dream of every citizen, however with the increasing prices of homes, the dream seem to be out of reach of most low income families. FHA HUD home loans offer a number of benefits than getting a conventional or an expensive sub-prime mortgage program. These FHA loans are designed to meet the requirements and affordability of low and moderate income families dreaming to own a home.

HUD Home Loan Qualification

HUD home loans are easier to qualify when compared to many other types of home mortgage programs made available by several lenders. As the loan programs are insured by FHA, the lenders are more willing to offer the loan terms with lower qualification conditions thereby making it easier for the borrowers to qualify. In spite of having some credit problems such as bankruptcy, it is easier for a borrower to qualify for FHA loans than conventional loan programs. Moreover, these loan terms require only 3% downpayment and the money can come from any of the family members, employers or charitable organizations. FHA loan terms also have competitive interest rates as they are insured by the Federal Government.

HUD Home Loan Requirements

There are several types of HUD or FHA home loans and they have different loan qualification requirements. For instance, HUD home loan modification program will have some requirements that are quite different from that of a refinance program. The following are some of the basic FHA loan requirements for financing;
  • HUD or FHA loan programs are available only for owner-occupants and not for investors
  • Borrowers of the loan term are required to have valid social security number
  • Owner occupied financing option is limited to one primary residence
  • The borrower should be of legal age to sign a loan program and have lawful residency in the US
  • They must qualify for FHA loan only from FHA approved lenders who will verify liabilities, assets, income and credit history of the borrowers
  • There is no maximum income limits to qualify for FHA loan program, homebuyers only need to have sufficient income to qualify for mortgage payment
Borrowers are required to make their HUD home loan application in time in order to get fast and easy qualification. They are further required to submit details of their income status and credit history to their lenders who are approved by the Federal Housing Administration. For more details on HUD home loan requirements and application process, homebuyers can check the websites mentioned below.
HUD.GOV is the official website of US Department of Housing and Urban Development. The department offers a wide range of affordable housing programs for the low income families.
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is specialized in offering a range of information relating to home insurance and mortgage features. Find reliable info on HUD home loans at the official website of the corporation.

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