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HUD Homes for Rent

HUD homes for rent are available under various rental assistance programs that are funded by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development and are usually administered by a local public housing agency. These rental assistance programs can be put under the following categories:
  • Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8): The tenants have complete freedom to select a dwelling unit of their choice on the condition that it matches fully the housing quality standards of HUD. Eligible families meeting the income limits of their areas can apply to a local housing authority in order to obtain a Section 8 voucher. This voucher enables you to get a subsidy on the rent you pay to the landlord of your rental house. The PHA agrees to pay its share of the rent so long as the rent charged by the owner does not exceed its payment standard.

  • Public Housing: This is a rental assistance program which is usually based on the houses built by a government-sponsored agency. These public housing units are made available to low-income families, the elderly and the disabled persons by the PHA providing services in their areas. Unlike HCV programs, the project-based vouchers are not portable. This means you will get assistance only for the period you stay in such HUD homes for rent.

  • HUD-Subsidized Apartments for Rent: Under the program, funds are given directly to the apartment owners who then lower the rents of their properties for low-income tenants. These HUD apartments for rent are available for families as well as individuals. Special low-rent apartments can also be found for people like seniors and persons with disabilities. Your income plays major role in determining your eligibility for the program. To apply, you should visit the management office for the apartments that you have selected for renting in your area.

HUD Homes for Rent to Own

HUD homes for rent to own can be a good option to fulfill your dream of homeownership no matter where you live in the US. This is a kind of house that you rent while keeping open the option to buy it in future. In private rental market, many landlords find it a better option to get rid of the properties they don't want to keep. HUD also offers options for rent to own apartments in States like Maryland, Michigan, Georgia, Ohio and Texas.

Under a HUD sponsored rent-to-own program, participants can live in a new home as a tenant for the first few years. During the period, they are provided with homeownership counseling services which help them understand various aspects of homeownership and mortgage. After the end of this period, the participants have a choice to buy the house by completing necessary formalities.

Find HUD Houses for Rent

You have several options to search for HUD homes for rent anywhere in the US. You can either visit the website of HUD or a local public housing agency and start exploring their listing of affordable properties, or seek assistance from professional service providers. You may find it easier to conduct a search online as there is usually no fee associated with it and the result is much faster. Online you can also access resources like HUD rent calculator and rent limits that are a great assistance while looking for HUD houses for rent in your location.

To help you with the search we have provided you here some resources.

State-wise search for HUD Apartments for Rent under Section 8 Programs:

HUD Rent Limits:

HUD Rent Calculator:
HUD Renting Assistance
Get local renting information for the state you belong in the US. Also allow you to search for Section 8 homes for rent in your state. Residents of Maryland, Michigan, Georgia, Texas, Missouri, Ohio and any of the 50 US states can find listings particular to their location here.
Find listings of HUD Homes for rent in Jackson MS. Search from a list of houses and apartments that come with different combinations of bedrooms and bathrooms.
Website: :
Home Atlanta
Search Atlanta HUD homes for rent in a comprehensive listing database available here. Great Multiple Listing Services with no registration and no need to call real estate agents.
Website: :

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