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HUD Rentals

HUD Rentals can be apartment, single-family home, townhomes etc. Generally HUD houses for rent are for the low income families, disable persons and senior citizens. HUD rent limits depend upon the income limits. These income limits are then compared to the median income of the area where the applicant resides.

Most of the rental properties that are availed with HUD's assistance go for the low income housing families and individuals who are senior. There are many apartments, homes, single family homes that are especially build for the low income families. Under different HUD rental assistance these families are helped to a great extent. Many homeless individuals and families in USA have found homes with the help of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

HUD Rental Assistance

HUD rental assistance is provided through its different rental programs, one among them is the Public Housing Program described here.

Public Housing Program: Disable, elders and low income families are given rental assistance through this Public Housing Program. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development gives HUD Grants to local housing agencies for the Public Housing Program. In the entire nation there are about 3,300 housing agencies that cover approximately 1.2 million households.

To give HUD rent assistance first of all your category will be checked like whether low income, disable or elder. Then verification for the same is done. Along with this, references given by you to verify whether you are a good tenant or not, will be checked. For this HUD rental assistance, you will have to check the income limit that is considered as low. Your income is compared to the median income of the country or metropolitan area where you want to live. If it is 80% of that then you are in lower income limit and if it is 50% of that then your category is very low income. But these income limits vary from place to place. Therefore it is better to consult the housing agency close to your area.

To apply for the public housing program for HUD homes for rent you can contact the local Housing Agency or HUD field Office that will guide you through the entire process.

HUD Rental Vouchers

Another kind of rental assistance comes in the form of rental vouchers that can be either Housing Choice Vouchers or Section 8 Rental Voucher.

Housing Choice Vouchers: HUD rental assistance also comes from the Housing Choice Vouchers in which the US Department of Housing and Urban Development gives housing vouchers to the Public Housing Agencies that operates at city level. IN these vouchers houses for rent are given to low-income housing families, disable & elder people.

Families or individuals who are given housing voucher can find an apartment, single family home and townhome for rent. Public housing Agency also determines the safety and health standards that should be met by the rental units. For these HUD rental homes subsidy is paid by PHA to the landlord & the rest of the amount for rent is paid by the family.

In some cases HUD also allow families to buy homes with these housing vouchers. You can contact the local Public Housing Agency for eligibility and for applying for vouchers in order to get HUD homes for rent.

Section 8 Rental Voucher: In Section 8 Rental Voucher very low income families search for the rental homes that are owned by private owners. In this category of HUD rental assistance, 30% of household income and fair market rent is calculated and then the difference between the two is paid by the Public Housing Agency that works for HUD for rent help. Any amount left is paid by the applicant. The housing agencies or governmental agencies also inspect the house for rent to check if it meets the HUD quality standards or not.

In section 8 voucher program housing authorities of a particular area gives the voucher to the applicants whose income is very low and if the found home for rent is according to the standards then the rent is paid to the landlord by PHA. You can find a home for rent that is of good condition and within the fair market rental rates.

To apply rent on the houses, HUD rent schedules are prepared that decide the percentage of rent paid by HUD and the amount paid by the rental family. Every year these rent schedule is revised for different cities and new rents are applicable only if the new rent schedule is fully operational. HUD also determines the fair market rent. For a family whose income is 65% of the median income of that particular area, the HUD fair market rent is never more than 30% of the income of the family. For section 8 programs as well, fair market rents are established and revised from time to time.

HUD Homes for Rent

Now if you are facing any problem in finding a house for rent because of the discrimination that can be based on color, race, religion, national origin etc then you can file a fair housing complaint with HUD. For filing this complaint you can fill an online form, or you can call the concerned department or you can take the printout of the form and mail it to the Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity.

You can get complete guidance as well as a comprehensive listing of apartment owners who could offer you a home on rent at a reduced rate, from the website of HUD. Information like rental assistance programs run by state-level housing agencies or additional benefits provided to specialized categories of home seekers can also be found here.

Foreclosed Homes for Rent

Foreclosed homes for rent are emerging as yet another option for cheaper rental solutions. The homeowners who are unable to pay mortgages are likely to face foreclosures and lose the possession of their homes forever. Instead of losing their hard-earned possessions outright, they now prefer to make them available for rent. The rent paid by the tenant is used to pay a part or the whole of the mortgage bill. Foreclosed homes for rent are not as easy to find as it is with the case of a general rental home, but are a good and convenient alternative for owners as well as tenants.

Web pages showing HUD Rental Programs, Rental requirements, complaint board etc has also been given by You can check these for more information on HUD homes for rent and ways of getting different vouchers for taking HUD rental assistance. Browse through the site get more information on homes for rent and homes for rent to own in states like Maryland, Michigan, California, Georgia and Ohio.
HUD Rentals
HUD Public Housing Program page on HUD's official website gives complete information on the Public Housing Program, application process, required documents etc.
HUD Homes For Rent
Housing Discrimination Complaints are handled by the Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity. On this page you will find the links to online form, their address and contact number for filing the complaint.
Section 8 Rental Voucher
Section 8 Rental Voucher is the assistance for low income rental housing. On this page you can find information on the section 8 program, eligibility, ways to apply for it etc.

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