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Illinois Foreclosure Statute

Illinois Foreclosure Statute typically consists of judicial foreclosure with 300 days of process period. In judicial foreclosure administration of the court is compulsory and with no opposition from the borrower the whole process takes 90 days and prior to that not judgment is passed according to the foreclosure law.

Illinois Foreclosure Process

The process of foreclosure begins when the mortgage lender files a complaint against the borrower because of the non payment of Home Mortgage Loan. With this complaint to foreclose mortgage in the county's court office is filed. Complain is then send to the borrower but if whereabouts of the defendant is not known then it is published in the newspaper and defendant can then file an answer in the court within 30 days. Now in case the judgment is in the favor of the lender then foreclosure laws in Illinois states that borrower has 90 days of redemption period before the sale of the foreclosed home. But if the property is uninhabited then the redemption period according to the foreclosure statute is 30 days. Now making the redemption period long or small is in the hands of the court in Illinois.

Sheriff's Sale Illinois

After this Sheriff's sale takes place and for this notice of sale is published in the newspaper of the county. Notice of sale in IL is published once in every week and this will have to be done in three weeks. Sheriff's sale is held after the 7 days of the last notice and the lender makes the first bid. Certificate of sale is given to a person with the highest bidder during the foreclosure auction in IL. After this in Illinois foreclosure statute needs the report of sale within ten days of the sale that is made by the Sheriff or officer responsible for sale. Following this, motion of sale is filed with the court, which then confirms the sale. Subsequently Sheriff's deed is issued.

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