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Those individuals willing to join any of the above association can get comprehensive details at the official websites of the organizations. At there websites, they offer all the necessary steps that applicants should follow to become a member of the associations.
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Iowa Mortgage Association

Iowa Mortgage Association is a statewide organization that represents all the housing and home loan financing initiatives in Iowa. Iowa Mortgage Association (IMA) is comprised of a number of individuals who are related to the mortgage business and real estate industry of the state. The members of the association are dedicated to provide the best of services to the home buyers and home loan borrowers in the state of Iowa. The members endeavor to educate the borrowers with the loan options available in the loan market and provide guidelines to make the right application that has the maximum chances of approval. The association aims to preserve and promote the home loan lending business in the state.

Iowa Association of Mortgage Brokers

On the other hand, Iowa Association of Mortgage Brokers (IAAMB) is a non-profit organization that was formed to improve the lending and selling environment for home loan brokers in Iowa. The members of the organization are mortgage brokers who are licensed by the state licensing authority to provide their services in any part of the state. The association also provide education courses for its members to encourage high standard of ethics and integrity in the mortgage lending business of the state. The following are some of the main objectives of the Iowa mortgage brokers association.
  • To educate the home loan brokers with NAMB approved classes
  • To protect the rights of the brokers and the consumers
  • To network the brokers of the state with nationwide as well local lenders to improve the mortgage business
  • To bring together several real estate agents, title companies, appraisers, credit reporting companies, mortgage brokers, home loan bankers and information vendors to assist the borrowers.

Iowa Mortgage Bankers Association

Other than the above mentioned associations relating to the mortgage industry, there is another important organization called the Iowa Mortgage Bankers Association. This organization controls the involvement of bankers in the mortgage lending industry of the state. The members of the association are professional bankers who are specialized in the field of home loan lending business. With a number of education programs and training courses, the association aims to improve the ethical standards of the home loan services provided by its members. The association also has good relationship with leading banking institutes of the US.

Iowa Mortgage Association
Visit the official website of Iowa Mortgage Association to get all the information on the services and functions of the association. IMA represents the mortgage financing initiatives in Iowa.
Iowa Association of Mortgage Brokers
Iowa Association of Mortgage Brokers endeavors to promote the ethical standard of lending and mortgage processing business in Iowa. Visit the website of the organization to know more about their services.
Iowa Bankers Association
Visitors can find details of the latest happening in the mortgage market of Iowa from Iowa Bankers Association. The association offer online presence and they provide exclusive details on the mortgage industries of the state.

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