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Kansas Architects

Kansas Architects assist the process of building construction by catering to the design requirement of the structure to be erected and adjoining landscape. They supply the blueprint upon which the home of your dream will be raised and hence, it is necessary for you to choose the one that can understand well your particular requirements. The architects in Kansas have qualification and skill to transform an abstract imagination into a well-designed structure upon which the home builders can plan and work to give it a solid shape. Thus your dream becomes reality and you become a proud owner of your home.

Kansas Architecture License

Architects in Kansas need to obtain license before they can start working professionally. The government agencies, such as Kansas State Board of Technical Professions have set some eligibility criteria for the award of architecture license. They are also required to pass some examinations and earn continuing education credit to remain licensed for a specified period of time. Kansas State Board of Technical Professions, which is also known as Kansas Architecture Board, is the prime government agency that administer and maintain a high standard of skills, integrity and practice in various technical professions.

Kansas Architecture Board

An architect seeking licensure from Kansas Architecture Board must possess the following qualifications.
  • Graduation in a program that can help the applicant in the practice of architecture
  • Possession of a satisfactory proof to substantiate architectural experience as per the rules and regulations of the board
  • Success in the examination utilized by the Kansas Architecture Board
There are some institutes and colleges in Kansas that run educational programs for the aspiring architects and help them succeed in the examinations needed for the award of architecture license. Also there are organizations that facilitate sharing of architecture knowledge and design among professionals and also serve public in one way or the other. The Kansas Chapter of American Institute of Architects is one such organization meant for the creation of better places for people.
Wardcraft Homes:
Along with KS the Wardcraft Homes builds home in other states also. They are specialized in developing modular homes so wont be wrong in calling them modular home builders in Kansas.

Wooster Construction:
Wooster Construction offer commercial and residential construction services. Great emphasis is given to the quality and customer satisfaction by this home builder.

ROBL Construction Inc:
The ROBL Construction Inc is the most renowned home builder in Wichita, KS. Innovative designs along with customer satisfaction are of prime importance for this homebuilder in KS.


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