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Kansas Property Tax

Kansas Property Tax is collected by the city and county governments and is used to provide several services to general public. Construction and maintenance of roads and parks, fire protection, public schools and police protection are some of these local public services. KS Property Tax Calculation is done after your property is appraised by a county appraiser. The appraiser performs listing of your property and estimates its value in terms of existing market value. However, the amount of your tax bill depends on the budgets prepared by your city and county governments.

Kansas Property Tax Rate

Property tax rates in Kansas are determined by a number of factors relating to the type of properties and the financial standing of the owners. The value of your property is not directly proportional to the amount of property tax in Kansas. However, the value of your property may change each year, which depends upon several factors, such as an addition or an improvement to your home or a recent sale in your neighborhood. It is the responsibility of the county appraisers to maintain information regarding real estate in Kansas and update sales prices continually. While determining the value of your home, the real estate appraiser takes into account the factors like its age, quality, location, size, style and condition and then makes use of any one of the three appraisal methods that are currently in vogue.

Property Tax Calculator

There are websites that provide you with Kansas Property Tax Calculator, which you can use to determine the amount of property tax you are supposed to pay. In fact, property tax rates are calculated through a mill levy.

The mill levy is applied to the appraised value of your property. The appraised value of your home is multiplied by an assessment percentage of 11.5% to find the assessed value. This assessed value is again multiplied by your mill levy and the product is divided by 1000 to get the amount of property tax you owe in Kansas.

To know more about Property Taxes in Kansas and also about Kansas County Property Tax, visit the official websites of the state as well as county governments.

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