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Kansas Mortgage License

Having Kansas mortgage license is mandatory for home loan brokers, lenders, bankers and loan originators in order to run loan lending and selling business in the state. The real estate industry in Kansas is experiencing a rapid growth and many qualified individuals are turning into the mortgage business. You are on the right track if you are thinking to become a home loan broker or a loan originator in the state. However, in order to start your lending and selling business, you are required to have the mortgage license in Kansas. It is very important for you to have a clear understanding of all the loan licensing requirements of the state. Real estate license is compulsory for all the US states and Kansas is not an exception.

Kansas Mortgage Broker License

If you are thinking to become a home loan broker then it is essential for you to have the Kansas Mortgage Broker License which is regulated by the Kansas Office of the State Bank Commissioner. The licensing authority of the state does not require you to maintain any physical office in order to obtain the mortgage broker license. However, it is essential for you to have a surety bond of $100,000 to get the state license. In addition, you should submit an audited financial statement of your company with a minimum net worth of $50,000. In case if you are applying for an in-state office license then a minimum surety bond of $50,000 is required to be submitted by you. You are not required to have any specific education or pass any state exam to obtain the mortgage broker license.

Loan Originator License

Kansas State Bank Commissioners Office also make it compulsory for the loan originators in the state to get registered with them. Like home loan broker, it is not essential for them to pass an exam or have any particular education. However, applicants seeking mortgage broker and loan originator license are required to submit their fingerprints.

Kansas Mortgage Licensing Fees

Applicants for broker license will have to pay a non-refundable amount of $600 as application fee. On the other hand, loan originators should pay $75 as non-refundable application fee. Moreover, it is mandatory for both the loan originators and home loan brokers to submit a fingerprint processing fee of $54.

Mortgage Licensing Companies

Today, there are many real estate schools and mortgage licensing companies in Kansas that could help you while seeking for mortgage license in the state. Moreover, you could find some online service providers who offer several details on the mortgage licensing process prevalent in Kansas.
Integrity Mortgage Licensing
Integrity Mortgage Licensing is a reliable mortgage licensing company offering its services in several states of the US. They also provide valuable information on mortgage licensing requirements in the state of Kansas.
American Mortgage Licensing
American Mortgage Licensing provide all inclusive details on mortgage broker licensing requirements in Kansas. Visit the website of the company to get further information on their services.
AAXA Discount Mortgage
AAXA Discount Mortgage is a leading mortgage service provider operating in many states of the United States. The company also provide valuable information on mortgage licensing process prevalent in Kansas.

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