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Kentucky Real Estate Appraisers Board

Kentucky Real Estate Appraisers Board (KREAB) is an administrative body of the state for regulating, examining and certifying or licensing Kentucky Real Estate Appraisers. The board also makes it sure that the appraisers, after having been licensed, are working as per the law of real estate appraisal in the state of Kentucky. Moreover, the consumers can register their complaints against those appraisers who do not follow the guidelines of the Kentucky Appraisers Board or make attempts to act unfairly towards clients. As the Board is meant for the welfare of citizens, it pays careful attention to such grievances.

Real Estate Appraiser License

In order to obtain a real estate appraisal license, you are required to fulfill requirements as set by the board in cooperation with the Appraisal Qualifications Board. The licenses are offered for different levels of appraisal and each level has different education requirements. For example, while the educational requirement for Certified Residential Appraiser is 200 hours and an Associate Degree, the same for Certified General Appraiser is 300 hours and a Bachelor Degree. Your educational requirements do not stop even after becoming a licensed appraiser, since you are required to complete certain hours of continuing education every year. Along with it, you are also required to complete USPAP courses before and after obtaining appraisal licenses.

The KY real estate appraisers play vital roles in various business processes, such as in appraising real property for obtaining home mortgage loan or insuring a real property.

Alongside, appraisers carry out important functions during real estate transactions and so are indispensable for real estate brokers or real estate agents in Kentucky. The success of these business transactions depend much on the integrity and skillfulness of real estate appraisers. In the scenario, the work done by the Kentucky Real Estate Appraisal Board ensures all the parties involved in such businesses of the quality and honesty of licensed or certified appraisers.

You need to submit your application form along with all the supporting documents, which may include academic records, official transcripts, completion certificates etc. It is to be noted here that incomplete application will be returned. So, be careful to furnish all the details before submitting your application.

For further details, visit the official site of Kentucky Appraisal Board.

Kentucky Real Estate Appraisers Board
2624 Research Park Drive, Suite 204
Lexington, KY 40511
Telephone: (859) 543-8943
Fax: (859) 543-0028

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