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KY Foreclosures

Foreclosure in Kentucky is the easiest way to save money if you want to invest in home buying. But buying a foreclosed homes in Kentucky needs guidance and knowledge. For this it is very important to check the condition of the home, number of liens etc. KY foreclosure is the result, when homeowner stop making the regular Home Mortgage Loan payment. The lender then considers the home as a foreclosed one. Now since the lender has to get rid of the foreclosure homes, so they sell it even at less price.

Kentucky Foreclosure Rates

According to the Mortgage Bankers Association the foreclosure in KY is moving with the fast rate and there are many homes that are in different stages of the foreclosure. First of all it the less job opportunities that are leading to the problem of foreclosure in Kentucky. Apart from this interest rate are ever increasing that are further making the situation very grave in regard to foreclosed homes. Then mortgage lender just to make more clients are giving one or other kind of home loan and because of this home buyer suffers from KY foreclosure. Henderson County is having one of the highest rates in Kentucky in regard to foreclosures. But with the efforts of the government the foreclosure rate in the state is coming down. Here changes are made in the lenders' way of giving home loan and more scrutiny is added while checking the present and future income.

KY Foreclosure Process

To process the foreclosure home in Kentucky, only judicial foreclosure is allowed with the processing period of 147 days and redemption period is of 365 days. To begin with, the notice of pending action is filed in the court that initiates the foreclosure in KY. Then it is also served to the borrower who needs to respond withing 20 days. Now in case there is no call from the homeowner then the court will set the auction date. Before auction, the foreclosed property is also appraised. After judging the situation home owners try to sell the foreclosed homes earlier than the process of foreclosure i.e. during the phase of pre-foreclosure, as during this period they can save the equities build on the home. Here the help of broker and Real Estate Agent who deals in the foreclosures can be taken.

Foreclosure for Sale

The notice of sale is published in the newspaper for three consecutive weeks that contains location, date and terms of the sale. Again with the court's order the date can be postponed. The auction of the foreclosure homes in Kentucky takes place at the courthouse. Always a highest bidder will take the property after paying the cash or filing the bond to pay in installments. Borrower can redeem the foreclosed home if it has been sold for a price that is less than two-third of the home value that has been calculated after appraisal. Here the sale price and interest is given to the buyer.

Foreclosure Listings

For finding foreclosed homes in Kentucky you can check the listing given by mortgage lender. This list of foreclosure homes is there in the websites. Along with this newspaper and public notice boards are equal source of foreclosure homes in Kentucky. To further help you has also given the list of websites displaying the Kentucky foreclosures and foreclosed homes in KY.
Realty Trac
Realty Trac has the information regarding foreclosure laws in Kentucky. Along with this you can search for the agents, loans, home value etc.
HUD- Homeownership and Communities
Homeownership and Communities by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) guide you on how to avoid foreclosures in Kentucky. Here info on financial assistance programs, foreclosure law summary, counseling agencies etc have also been given.
Website: has the information on the foreclosed homes in Kentucky along with complete statistics on the foreclosed homes. You can click the county to search for the home foreclosed.
Foreclosure Data Online
Foreclosure Data Online has list of remarkable properties that are there for the foreclosure. In this HUD foreclosures, bank foreclosure homes as well as pre-foreclosures have also been given.

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