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Lawn Care

Lawn Care Services and Lawn Care Business in US are getting hot, as Americans are very conscious about the exotic surrounding and landscaping.'Lawn care tips' is a very searched topic in USA as these tips are helpful in maintaining lawn round the year. Land care is not confined to the residential gardens but office areas, parks and other public areas also have lawns that need to be maintained. Lawn is that part of the home, which provides freshness and natural element to your dwelling. There exist lawn care association at the national and state level in US. Professional Lawn Care Association of America (PLCAA) has commercial as well as residential lawns care professionals. PLCAA gives business management training along with technical help to grow their business.

There are many factors that influence the growth of grass in lawn such as sunlight, soil type, climate of your area, fertility factor of the soil along with dryness and wetness of soil. Tender lawn care is required for grasses susceptible to disease. All types of lawns need watering, fertilization, pest control, seeding mulching and mowing at proper time. Otherwise it won't be uncommon to see weeds, dry patches, fungus, moss, algae etc attacking your beautiful lawn. Sometimes it becomes essential to change the turf, which can be done in four ways:
  • Apply seeds
  • Planting sprigs
  • Planting plugs
  • Laying sod
But if you want to avoid this make necessary schedules and plans for garden care from the very beginning. First and the foremost thing is to check the condition of your yard and then buy relevant products, as lawn care and maintenance is also not possible without relevant products and equipments. You can also find necessary lawn care tips in the websites that are fully dedicated towards maintaining lawn. Depending upon your needs you buy lawn care equipments.
  • Blowers
  • Irrigation system
  • Lawn mowers
  • Rakes
  • String trimmer
  • Trailers
  • Lawn movers
  • Tractors
Lawn mowers are the most important equipment as lawn mowing is the essence of lush green grass. It can be electric mower and gas powered mowers.
Electric mowers are advantageous than gas powered ones except for the length of electric chord that restricts the area of working. Lawn movers are also common and come with different blades, brushes and other parts. It is good to read reviews on the same before buying. Lawn care cost differs with the area and type of problem. Superior and quality services are required for tender green grass.

Winter lawn and lawn care in fall needs more attention than the grasses grown in summer season. Weed grows profusely in winters that needs to taken care. Growth of weed is more than the grass. It is better to cultivate rye grass during winters along with other grass, as it needs less care and maintenance. Summer heat kills rye grass and gives space for other grass to raise. Don't forget to water your lawn regularly in winters.

Fertilization is another area that should be scheduled properly. You have the option to choose between dry and wet fertilizer. Over fertilization burns the grass instead of doing any good. It is advisable to read proper instruction and quantity required for a particular size of lawn. Synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicide although give life to lawn but sometimes are very dangerous for the health of your family. But these days Lawn Maintenance market is full of organic lawn care products, which have no harmful effects.

Weeds are the main problem of the lawn and gives shabby look and hinders the growth of grass. Along with weeds it is the thatch that doesn't allow your grass to grown in a vibrant form. Thatch is a layer of pebbles, grits and dead vegetation. There are many methods of detaching but the most common ones are aeration and Power Ranking.

Many lawn care companies are there that can easily provide services of cleaning the lawn. But before taking such services:

  • Check the credibility of lawn care company. You can talk to the referrals for this.
  • Check the license of the yard care service provider
  • Whether they have the state license to use herbicides and pesticides
Starting lawn care business that also includes landscaping is not that difficult. All you need is interest, products and business plan with good marketing skills. Lawn care business is very profitable and one of the fastest growing industries in US. You need license to do the same with different types of lawn maintenance contract agreements. Along with this you need employment agreement and referral letter. Advertise by using different mediums like flyers, hangers, ads in local newspaper and business cards. Also with this maintain one website. Lawn care price should be competitive and according to the market. In market there are many lawn maintenance softwares that can help your business to grow such as Lawn Pro.
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