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Lighting Fixtures are the decorative material that gives your home present-day, classical, modern style look and accessorizes it. The style of lighting fixture can also be contemporary, crystal, iron and rustic, tiffany and traditional etc. People now are taking keen interest in these sparkling stuff that with its shine and kind of light changes the mood of the place. So the market of these decorative articles is flourishing and expanding from every corner. The appeal of the whole home or specific area changes with the type of lighting and fixtures used.

Now if you go to the market to shop for this then there is a huge choice available. Broadly lighting fixtures can be bought on the basis of:
  • Price
  • Style
  • Design
  • Manufacturer or brand
  • Space available
  • Type of home
  • Room
  • Related to furniture
  • Supply
  • Companies
For each room of your home there is a specific kind of lighting fixture. Like for sitting or drawing room Ceiling lighting, Pendants, Chandeliers, Celling Medallions, Recessed lighting, Hanging Pot Racks etc can be used. In kids rooms the lighting and fixtures are made in different colors and by keeping in mind the mentally of kids. You can get colorful lamps with butterfly, dragon, pirate, footballs and many other designs. Then comes wall scones, bath and vanity lighting, picture and display lights, ceiling fans, portable fans.

Along with indoor lighting and fixtures these days many outdoor lights are also available in the market. These consist of:
  • Exterior pendants
  • Deck lighting
  • Spot lighting
  • Outdoor table lamps
  • Fountain lighting
  • Flood lighting

Kitchen these days gets the complete attention of home makers and thus the most of lighting fixtures manufacturers lay much emphasis in creating beautiful lights. Recessed lights, hanging lights, LED, are best suited for kitchen. You can even get discount on these if you buy lighting fixture due sale or in specific festival season.

Now if you are going to shop for lighting and fixture then check for the companies, types supply and parts available. Along with this also keep in mind the following things:
  • If buying lighting fixture for entertainment room then go for recessed lights instead of bright ones
  • For kitchen choose cabinet lights as it will give more brightness. Along with this use halogen bulbs
  • Use pendants and hanging lights above dining area
  • Bedroom are meant to relax. So for this use table lamps with dim lights. You can also use scones and decorative table lamps
The fixtures are often available in the lighting showroom but the price of these should also be checked and compared. Along with this you can also consult the lighting consultant who can advice you on the different types of available lighting fixtures, companies, manufactures, wiring etc so that you end up having the best for your home. You can also check online stores and resources before buying lighting fixtures. has also mentioned few companies and suppliers that deal in lighting and fixtures. Go through these to get more help in making buying decision.
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