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Maryland Mortgage License

Maryland mortgage license is the most important thing that home loan lenders, brokers, bankers and loan originators should have in order to provide their services to the home buyers and loan borrowers. Many people are entering the mortgage industry as it promise a bright future due the development in the real estate industry. Most of the home buyers use home loans to purchase their homes in Maryland. With the increase in the number of loan borrowers, the role of mortgage brokers become wider and more sophisticated. So, you are on the right track if you are thinking to become a home loan broker or a loan originator in the state of Maryland. However, you will have to fully understand all the Maryland mortgage licensing procedures in order to make an informed approach.

Maryland Commissioner of Financial Regulation

The Maryland Commissioner of Financial Regulation governs all the state-chartered financial institutions including credit unions, trust companies, banks, state financing entities, home loan lenders, debt collection agencies, brokers, loan originators, check cashers and money transmitters. The licensing process for mortgage brokers, lenders and bankers are all controlled by the department and you are required to have a clear idea of all the prerequisites before making your application.

Maryland Mortgage Broker Licensing Requirements

In order to obtain a state broker license, you are first required to submit a complete and accurate application together with the application fees to the licensing department. The following are some of the essential documents and statements that you are required to include with your application:
  • It is mandatory for you to submit a business credit report or the last 12 months.
  • You should also include an audited financial statement with the application.
  • The licensing department requires you to maintain a surety bond within the range of $15,000 to $75,000.
  • You are also required to submit a Good Standing certificate issued by a registered state authority.
  • As an applicant for mortgage broker license, you are required to have a minimum experience of three years in the loan selling and processing business. The proof of experience should also be included in the application.
  • To get the renewal of the license, it is essential for you to complete 20 hours of continuing education in an approved course.

Instead of directly applying with the department, you can also get some help from mortgage licensing companies operating in the state. These licensing companies are affiliated to the Department of Financial Regulation and they offer fast and hassle free licensing process for the applicants.
American Mortgage Licensing
American Mortgage Licensing can offer you the best of services if you are thinking to become a license mortgage broker in the state of Maryland. They also provide valuable details on the mortgage licensing requirements in the state.
At, you can get a wide ranging information relating to the mortgage broker licensing process prevalent in Maryland. The company is a reliable online mortgage information provider.
Professional Development Institute
Professional Development Institute offer a number of training and pre-licensing courses for those individuals seeking for mortgage license in the state of Maryland. Visit the website of the company to get further information on their services.

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