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Massachusetts Homeowners Insurance Dogs

Most Massachusetts homeowners insurance companies are unwilling to provide you insurance coverage if own a particular breed of dog. Certain breeds of dogs have been identified by insurance companies on account of the rising occurrences of dog-bites associated with them. German shepherds, Labrador, Dobermans, Pit bulls and Rottweilers are among such breeds. Besides, you may also be denied a homeowner's insurance if your dog has a history of aggressive behavior.

The law of Massachusetts in this respect does not help either as there is no provision that prohibits them from discrimination based on breed. The reason why companies are so reluctant to insure the homeowners possessing certain breed of dogs lies in the fact that a large sum of money they lose every year in redressing claims for dog-bites. It may also happen that you get to own a dog after you have purchased a homeowners insurance policy. If your dog is one among the breeds mentioned above, it is likely that your company cancel your policy.

It is important for you to train your dog properly in order to prevent it from biting. You can follow some guidelines in this regard and ensure that your dog behaves properly with a stranger.
  • Try to know the behavior and personality of your dog
  • Train your dog to behave properly with other animals and with people
  • Expose your dog to the social environment you live in
  • Obey leash and licensing laws
  • A spayed or neutered dog is found to be less aggressive than the normal one.
  • Do not play aggressive games with your dog
  • Keep a tag stating the presence of a dog at your property
If you follow these guidelines, it is likely that your dog behaves properly and you can convince of your insurance company about its proper behavior.

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