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Massachusetts Mortgage Lenders

Massachusetts Mortgage Lenders bring you the latest range of home loan products and help you get easy finance at the lowest mortgage rates. They form an important link in the chain of services designed to meet the requirements of home buyers across the state and lend a supportive hand towards the fulfillment of the great American dream of homeownership. With easy application procedure, convenient EMI Schedule and flexible repayment options, the mortgage market is growing and so is the demand for reliable mortgage lenders in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Mortgage Lender License

When it is the question of reliability of services, then there is no alternative to a licensed mortgage lender in Massachusetts. An obvious distinction can be made between the services offered by an ordinary mortgage lender and the one licensed by the Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulations (OCABR). There are certain fees and experience eligibility conditions that are associated with Massachusetts Mortgage Lender License. The details of eligibility requirements are contained in 209 CMR 42.06(2) and 209 CMR 42.03(2). The annual license fees for mortgage lenders in Massachusetts are $1,100.00 and these also include $100.00 as lead paint surcharge in accordance with Chapter 482, $22, of the Acts of 1993.

Online Mortgage Lenders

Most professional lenders having large-scale operations across various cities in the state and even in other states also provide online lending services. With the services now available online you no longer require to visit several lending agencies in search of the most suitable loan option. All you need to do now is to simply log on and read the terms and conditions of a lending agency and compare its current mortgage rates with others to find the best deal. Some lenders also allow you to complete application and see your application status online. In case of any inconvenience or in order to obtain more information you can always contact an official by dialing the helpline number provided on the website of the concerned lender. Some of the most common home loan programs being offered by Massachusetts mortgage lenders these days include home equity line of credit, adjustable-rate mortgage, fixed-rate loan, jumbo loan, refinance mortgage option, second home loan, bad credit loan and debt consolidation etc.

Massachusetts Mortgage Lenders Association

Massachusetts Mortgage Lenders Association works to improve the home loan lending business in the state. With the help of a number of training and education courses, the association educates its members to enhance the ethical standards of their lending services. It is a non-profit organization that represents the mortgage lending industry in Massachusetts.
Mortgage X
Mortgage X is one of the reliable online service provider specialized in offering a number of mortgage services. The company also provide a directory of the most reputed mortgage lenders in the state of Massachusetts.
At, you will be able to find the names, addresses and contact details of some of the best mortgage lenders operating in Massachusetts. They also offer loan quotes from several lenders in the state.
Mortgage 101
Mortgage 101 is a leading mortgage lenders offering a wide range of home loan programs in several states of the US. The company provide a variety of low rate mortgages in the state of Massachusetts.

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