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Michigan Foreclosure Laws

Michigan Foreclosure Laws states that the process of foreclosure can be conducted both in Judicial as well as non-judicial manners with the processing period of 60 days. In Michigan foreclosure redemption is also allowed and the period varies from 30-365 days of the foreclosure depending upon the case. Most of the foreclosures in MI takes place outside the the court that means by non-judicial procedure.

Foreclosure Laws in Michigan

MI foreclosure laws further state that the foreclosure process should begin with the notice of sale, which should be done for four weeks and the notice should appear once in every week. On this name of the lender and borrower, mortgage information, amount to be given by defaulter, redemption period and legal description of the property should be given. Atleast after fifteen days of the publication of first notice, the notice of sale should also be posted at the property as well.

The sale of the property can also be postponed with the notice of adjournment mentioning time and location. If the auction is to be postponed for more than a week, then again, a fresh notice of sale should be published in same manner.

Michigan Foreclosure Auction

Michigan foreclosure auction is conducted by the sheriff or trustee, mostly at the courthouse between 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Now from the foreclosure sale date the redemption period lasts for six months. In foreclosure redemption, the borrower pays the money for which the property has been sold plus the interest rate. Now if the buyer of the foreclosed home files an affidavit stating the taxes and insurance that are paid after the purchase then for redemption the borrower will have to pay this amount as well.

There are varied ways and time period of redemption, which are:
  • In case the property that has been foreclosed, is three acres or more or over four units and have not been vacated then the Michigan foreclosure redemption period is of one year.
  • Now if the remaining amount is more than two-third of the original loan and vacated then the period of redemption is one month.
  • Michigan foreclosure redemption is of one year if the balance is less than two third of the loan amount.
  • Law state two procedures if the property to be foreclosed upon has four unit or less and in size not more than three acres. The borrower has six months of redemption if loan amount is more than two-third and mortgage is taken after 1965. on the other hand if the amount is less than two-third then there three months for the redemption.
As the number of foreclosed homes in the state are rising, there can be seen many law firms and foreclosure attorneys handling the different foreclosure cases.

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