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Michigan Property Tax

Michigan Property Tax is levied on the basis of the value of property. Hence the property tax in Michigan is a kind of ad valorem taxes. The real property assessment as well as the collection of real estate tax is carried out by the local authorities at county, city, township or school district level. The state provides regulatory support to all these local authorities and sees to it that the taxes levied are uniform statewide.

Michigan Property Tax Law

The Michigan State Property Tax Law provides a guideline for the local assessors, tax collectors and other officials to accomplish work in their respective spheres of activities. Property owners are also recommended to have some basic idea of the property tax law prevalent in the state in order to fulfill their obligations.

MI Property Tax Records

The real estate in Michigan is appraised on the fair market value and a database is maintained to keep the Property Tax Records readily available for the taxpayers. Such records contain information about the ownership, sales and assessed value of real property and they can be accessed online. The Michigan Department of Treasury also provides you with a property tax estimator in its official website. This works like a calculator, which can help you know your property taxes by local unit and school district.

The estimates on property taxes are accessed just by entering a taxable value and selecting your county from a list. You will also have to select your city, township or village along with your school district. You can not only estimate your current property taxes but can also compare your property taxes with other local units within the state of Michigan.

Michigan Property Tax Appeal

This property tax estimator also allows you to compare millages rates of various local units. If you find any discrepancy in your MI Property Tax bills, the laws of the state permit you to make an appeal for reassessment of your real property. The Michigan Property Tax Law also has provisions for property tax exemptions for homestead and other categories of taxpayers. Visit the official site of the Michigan Department of Treasury to know more about property taxes in Michigan.

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