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Minnesota Foreclosure Laws

Minnesota Foreclosure Law states that judicial and non judicial foreclosures are there for the process of foreclosure. Homeowner has the right of redemption where he/she can make the whole payment to get the property back. Along with this there also exist the provision for deficiency judgment.

Foreclosure Laws in Minnesota

Judicial foreclosure is held when there is no Power of Sale in the deed of trust or mortgage. Here orders from the court are taken to initiate the process of foreclosure. But in case of non-judicial foreclosure Power of Sale is there in the instrument that authorized the lender to sell the property in case of default payment. In some cases of non judicial foreclosure, specific procedure to carry out the foreclosure is mentioned. In other case notice of sale having the lender and borrower's name, loan amount, property description with date and place of foreclosure must be recorded with the recorder's office. The auction is conducted by the sheriff on the specified date where it is given to the highest bidder. Borrower has the right of redemption that is one year.

Minnesota foreclosure help by the lawmakers is coming by delaying the process of foreclosure. The process of foreclosure for the owner occupied homes that have subprime loans, can be suspended for a year if 65% of the Home Mortgage Loan is paid on time every month by the homeowner.

Minnesota Foreclosure Help

The whole process is according to the Minnesota foreclosure bill that has been passed recently. According to the foreclosure bill, meeting of homeowner with the foreclosure counselor is also mandatory so that solutions for the foreclosure problem can be found out. There are many law firms in the state that are providing foreclosure help. First of all talk to the mortgage lender and have all the documents ready to strengthen your foreclosure position. Under this the mortgage can be modified or restructured. Another payment plans can be made to stop the foreclosure. Along with this partial claims, refinancing your existing home loan can also be done by the lender, which is the way of providing Minnesota foreclosure help. Besides this homeowner can also go for the short sale, preforeclosure sale and deed in lieu. So there are many options to stop the foreclosure but for this communicate with your lender. has further simplified your job of finding information on law, foreclosure help and attorney by giving the list of websites that contain all the things related to foreclosure .
Minnesota Housing and financial Services
Minnesota Housing and financial Services explains the process of foreclosure by fully mnetioning the foreclosure law in MN
Minnesota Housing Finance Agency
Minnesota Housing Finance Agency helps you in foreclosure prevention. It is also running the Foreclosure Prevention Assistance Program in which people facing foreclosure are helped by giving case management services.
National Association of Consumer Advocates
National Association of Consumer Advocates (NACA) is a non profit association of consumer advocates and attorneys that work for the betterment of the consumer. You can contact NACA if you are facing foreclosure in MN

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