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Mississippi Foreclosures

Mississippi Foreclosure homes and other such foreclosed properties are smart way of investing in the housing market. From the actual value of the property almost 50% can be saved by buying these MS foreclosure homes. In the state, home buyers, lenders, investors etc are investing in the foreclosed homes, as the market for the same is getting very hot these days.

Foreclosure Homes in Mississippi

Mortgage lenders and bank forfeit the property whose payment is not made on time by the homeowner. Foreclosure in Mississippi are available in different states and types that include
  • Pre-foreclosures
  • Real Estate Owned (REO)
  • Bank foreclosures
  • For sale by owners (FSBO)
  • Government foreclosures such as VA, FHA and HUD foreclosure homes
  • Real Estate Foreclosure

Mississippi Foreclosure Laws

Mortgage lender can foreclose the property by judicial as well as non-judicial way that are permitted by the Mississippi foreclosure law. In judicial foreclosure process order from the court start the process of MS foreclosure as no power of sale clause is present in the deed of trust.

In the state non judicial foreclosure is more common than the judicial one. In this first of all notice of sale by trustee is recorded with the recorder office in the county, stating the time, date, place of sale. The notice of sale is also posted at the courthouse and at the same time published in the newspaper for three consecutive weeks.

Now the borrower has the redemption right in which he/she can make the payment that also includes cost and fees before the sale of the foreclosure home in MS. If this does not happen then the foreclosure auction takes place, generally at the courthouse where the highest bidder owns the property. In case the Foreclosure in Mississippi takes place by non judicial process and being auctioned in the sale then the borrower has no right to redeem the foreclosed property.

You can also check the list of websites given by on MS foreclosures, foreclosure laws and foreclosed homes for further understanding.
United States Foreclosure Law
You can get the summary of Mississippi foreclosure law from the webpage of United States Foreclosure Law on MS.
Website: has very well explained the process of foreclosure. In this you can find every information pertaining to the foreclosure laws in MS along with the information on the entire process.
Foreclosure provides the online listings of foreclosed properties and provides the latest information related to foreclosure in MS, foreclosure homes, auction, preforeclosure etc

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