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Mississippi Real Estate Commission

Mississippi Real Estate Commission, MREC license all the brokers and real estate salesperson the state. Real Estate in MS is a very big sector and if left unbridled it will go rage. So there must be some regulatory body that controls the work of the realty sector, checks the defaults and take proper action against such practices. This job of regulation is done by the MS Real Estate Commission. The agency issues license, take disciplinary action against any unlawful work, give continuing education and also checks the deal between brokers of MS and other states.

Mississippi Real Estate Commission: Its Membership

An Act of Real Estate License Law had created a Mississippi Real Estate Commision that consists of five members and all of these are appointed by the Governor. The Senate gives advice on the selection of the members to the Governor. Appointment for one member is for the period of one year, two members are appointed for two years and two for the four years. From each congressional district there is one commissioner.

Real Estate Commission in Mississippi issues license to the applicant who has cleared the real estate exam. This exam is held four times a year with the consent of the commision. In the real estate examination writing, reading, elementary arithmetic, spelling and general knowledge regarding State's statutes, ethics, appraisals etc is checked. Real Estate Commission in MS also approves the school of real estate for pre and post licensure courses. These schools from time to time need to get themselves register with the Mississippi Real Estate Commission by paying certain amount of fee.

The Commission also approves the distance learning courses for the pre and post license education and these should be according to the standards of the Association of Real Estate Licensing Law Official (ARELLO). If this does not exits then rules for the same are made. Renewal of the license is also done by the MS Real Estate Commission.

Now if the school or real estate broker or salesperson goes against the laws of the real estate laws then the disciplinary action is taken by the real estate commission that includes suspension, revoking of the license etc. Notice of default or defect is also sent to the broker or school and time for the rectification of the mistake is given.

But if this rectification is not done in the stipulated period of time then the disciplinary action is take by the MS Real Estate Commision. The defaulter has the right to appeal to the Court of the County of his or her residence or to the First Judicial Districts of Hinds County. This should be done withing 30 days of the notice received.

MS Real Estate Commission also has the authority of making rules but according to the real estate license law. All types of real estate forms can be found in the website of the real estate commission. Along with this you can also find the licensed real estate brokers and salesperson.

For your specific query you can also consult the Mississippi Real Estate Commission. The contact info for the same is given by

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 12685
Jackson, MS-39236

Physical Address:
2506 Lakeland Drive
Suite 300
Flowood, MS-39232

Phone: 601-932-6770
Fax: 601-932-2990

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