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Missouri Foreclosed Homes

Missouri Foreclosed Homes are increasing because of the expanding rates of foreclosure in the state. The city of Saint Louis and Kansas in the state are worst hit by the foreclosures. Changes in the MO foreclosure can be attributed to the fluctuations in the subprime mortgage that are now on rise. The interest rates have been increased that has almost doubled the monthly Home Mortgage Loan payment. But with this there has been seen no change in the amount of earning. So for some people making the payment is becoming hard.

Missouri Foreclosure Assistance

It is not only the fault of borrower but the lender as well who have enticed the borrower in taking the home loan more than their pocket can afford. Now this thing has led to the crisis, which has taken the gigantic shape of foreclosure in Missouri. Now there are many homes in one or other stage of foreclosure in MO. To help people government of Missouri has come up with the Missouri Homeownership Preservation Network (MOHPN) plan. This is a funding plan by which many homeowners are helped to stop the process of foreclosure. Housing experts in metropolitan areas of Kansas City, Saint Louis and Springfield have joined their hands to form MOHPN. The NeighborWorks America supply the required funds for the working of the Missouri Homeownership Preservation Network. The toll free Hotline and counseling of provided to the homeowners who are facing foreclosure in MO.

From the buyers' view it is great time to invest in the MO foreclosed homes, as there is a huge supply of these properties. Great discounts are also offered on the foreclosure homes which is sometimes more than 50%.

Missouri Foreclosed Homes for Sale

Missouri foreclosure law has the process period of 60 days and occurs via judicial and non judicial way. Majority of foreclosures takes place by non judicial manner. Notice of sale is published in the newspaper for four weeks and once in every week. Notice of sale should be published in two counties if the property is located in two counties. Then 40 days before the sale, the notice should be mailed to the borrower through certified and registered mail. Along with this notice of sale in MO should also be sent to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). If the owner of the real estate that is to be foreclosed upon died then the foreclosure sale cannot take place with the six months of demise.

MO Foreclosure Laws

Missouri foreclosure auction takes place at the courthouse between 9:00 a.m. To 5:00 p.m. According to the foreclosure law in Missouri there are three types of redemptions, which are:
  • Statutory redemptions
  • Equitable redemption
  • IRS redemption
For purchasing the foreclosure home in Missouri it is important to have information on the process and laws that are being abide. You can check the given list of websites by having info on Missouri foreclosure, foreclosure laws and foreclosure homes in MO.
REO Investor Network
With REO Investor Network you can find many foreclosure properties in MO. For this you will have to become the member of REO Investor Network and find out a MO foreclosure home.
AOL Real Estate
AOL Real Estate has a list of MO foreclosure homes along with foreclosed property. You can search with the price range, number of bedrooms and baths.


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