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Missouri Housing Authority

Missouri Housing Development Commission, incorporated by the 75th General Assembly aims at designing such housing programs, which benefits everyone. Missouri is a centrally located state in the United States and holds an important place therefore establishing a housing authority was an essential step, which was urgently required. Homes built in the city are in accordance to the growing needs of the people; an important aspect of its programs is that it has houses for people of low and middle-income groups. They take these steps so that everyone should become self-sufficient and can afford a dream house.

Missouri Housing Development Commission: An Overview

The Housing Authority of Missouri commonly known as the Missouri Housing Development Commission provide a variety of affordable housing options for low income citizens of the state. The state formed organization works in collaboration with real estate agents and homebuilders who are available for people in every city and as a result making the whole task easier for the customers. In Missouri, houses are available on rent, the house rentals are very low especially for physically disabled students, and otherwise too they are affordable for everyone. Homes are also available for sale in the cities. Such excellent facilities are contributing in housing development of the state.

With advancements like home mortgage loans and financial grants, the houses have become easily reachable for all. All this is amounting to progress in the housing market which is creating new dimensions. recognizes the value of Missouri Housing Development Commission in the real estate development of the State. We provide you with the following reference for detailed information.

Kansas City Office
3435 Broad Way
Kansas City, MO 64111
Ph- (816) 759-6600

St. Louis City Office
4625 Lindell, Suite 300
St. Louis, MO 63108
Ph- (314) 877-1350


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