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Montana Foreclosure Law

Montana Foreclosure Law considers the judicial as well as non judicial foreclosure processes to carry on the foreclosure. Time of completion is 150 days with no right to redeem the foreclosed property. In case of judicial foreclosure with the order of the court, borrower is asked to pay the amount but if not then the notice of sale is issued by the court.

Montana Foreclosure Laws: An Overview

According to Montana foreclosure law, the non judicial foreclosure takes place with the 'Power of Sale Foreclosure Guidelines'. Now if in the clause, procedure of the foreclosure is mentioned then the whole process will be according to that otherwise foreclosure sale occurs in the following manner:
  • First of all notice of sale is recorded with the county's recorder office
  • Before 120 days of the sale the notice is sent to the borrower by certified and registered mail
  • For three consecutive weeks it is published in the newspaper of the county. It should be published once in every week.
  • 20 days before the foreclosure sale, the notice of sale should be posted at the property
  • The auction of the property is conducted at the courthouse of the county. It can be done from 9:00 a.m. To 4:00 p.m.
  • The sale of the foreclosed property can be postponed for 15 days but with the notice stating the rescheduled time and place.
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