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Montana Property Tax

Montana Property Tax system is supervised by the Montana Department of Revenue, which is responsible for proper implementation of Laws, Rules and Regulations regarding property taxes in Montana. The department carries out appraisal and assessment of real property before performing equalization of the value of all property in the state. The determination of Montana Property Tax is based on the fair assessment of real property. However, it is the local governments, such as the counties, that levy and collect property taxes in Montana.

Montana Department of Revenue

The Montana Department of Revenue has regional offices in each county of the state in order to perform the task of appraisal on real property and improvements quite effectively and in a uniform manner. However, the property that is single and continuous and is spread in more than one county, which includes railroads and several other public utilities, is centrally assessed. The valuation of such property is divided among concerned counties on a mileage basis.

Montana Property Tax Rate

The Montana Property Tax Rate for each class of real property is determined by the state legislature. There are twelve classes of property as of now. The property tax liability for each property owner is calculated on the basis of a mill levy, which is determined separately for each taxing jurisdiction by its local government. The Montana Real Estate Taxes also include special district fees and charges.

Property Tax Information

VItal information on property tax laws and records in the state of Montana can be availed from the Internet. State departments related to property tax assessment offer online presence together with a wide range of information. To sum up, the state is responsible for real property valuation and taxation while the county is responsible for tax billing, collection and reconciliation. To know more about assessed value of real property in Montana and MT Property Tax, visit the official site of Montana Department of Revenue.

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