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Nebraska Real Estate Taxes

Nebraska real estate taxes are levied by the the Nebraska Department of Revenue, Property Assessment Division. According to the Department, real properties include all the lands, buildings, improvements, fixtures, mobile homes, improvements on leased land, cabin trailers and similar properties that are not registered for highway use. On a broader scale, real properties also cover mines, quarries, minerals wells and springs, gas and oil wells. The taxes for the real properties are determined by multiplying the taxable value of the property by the the overall consolidated tax rate for the district or the county in which the property is located.

Again, the tax district consists of various governing bodies that has the power to levy property taxes for services like county, school district and city. For instance, Douglas County real estate taxes and Lincoln County real estate taxes may be quite different depending on the process of taxation in the area. Every year, the county board of equalization also levies the necessary taxes that are within the limits of the law. The property tax rates for various governmental subdivisions are further determined by dividing the subdivision's annual tax request for the current total taxable value within their boundaries. The property tax rates are expressed by $1.00 per $100 of taxable value.

Nebraska Real Estate Taxes Online

With the advent of Internet, a number of activities have been completely simplified. Today, property owners can enjoy paying their taxes online without wasting their precious time and their fuel costs. All they have to do is just search for the website of the department that levies the taxes in the area on the Internet. Then, the property owners can just select the county in which the property resides, then search for the type of property, select the parcel ID from the list, select the statement, choose to pay first half or both and provide their credit card information.

On the other hand, it is the responsibility of the real property owners to report on or before 31st of December to the assessor for any improvement made to real properties with a value of $2,5000 or more on the information statement. In Nebraska, real estate transfer tax is also prevalent when the title of a real property is transferred to some other second person through sale. Moreover, a building permit should be substituted for the information statement if it contain the essential information and a copy should also be provided to the assessor.
Nebraska Department of Property Assessment and Taxation
Nebraska Department of Property Assessment and Taxation is responsible for the regulation of taxation system in the state. Find more details on real estate taxes at the official website of the Department.
Nebraska Taxes Online
Nebraska Taxes Online allow you to pay your real estate property taxes in Nebraska without facing any hassle. Check how to start paying real estate taxes online by visiting the website of the company.
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