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New Hampshire Foreclosure Law

New Hampshire Foreclosure Law has two ways of processing the foreclosed homes i.e. by:
  • Judicial foreclosure and
  • Non Judicial foreclosure method

NH Foreclosure Laws

Besides these there are three other methods of the foreclosure process according to the NH foreclosure laws:
  • Entry under Process
  • Entry and Publication
  • Possessions and Publication

Judicial Foreclosure in New Hampshire

In case of Judicial foreclosure, the mortgage lender must file a complaint with the court and takes the decree of sale. Time to make the payment is also given to the borrower but if not done then the court will order the sale of the property. Non judicial foreclosure has the Power of Sale clause in the deed of trust or mortgage. Trustee, who is the representative of the lender executes the sale of the property. Power of Sale Foreclosure guidelines are followed, which are:
  • Record the notice of sale in the county where property is situated.
  • Send it to the borrower 25 days before the sale
  • Publish it for three weeks in the newspaper and it should appear once in every week
  • Notice of sale contains the date, time and location of sale. Along with this information related to the property, description, warning to the borrower, rights to stop the foreclosure should also be given.
  • If in the power of sale clause location of the foreclosure auction has not been defined then auction will take place on the property.
Entry Under Process: Here lender acquires the possession of the property for a year by entering the foreclosed home under the process of law

Entry and Publication: In this case property is possessed for a period of one year very peacefully by publishing a notice. This notice will contain the time of possession, name of the lender and borrower, property's description and mortgage date. The notice should be published in the newspaper for three consecutive weeks and the first should be printed six months before the expiry of the possession.

Possession and Publication: lender who has possessed the property publish the notice showing that the property is foreclosed. The notice is published in the newspaper for three weeks regularly and contains the borrower and lender's name, mortgage date, lenders wish to hold the property for a year and property's description.

NH Foreclosure Listings

Now New Hampshire foreclosure listing can be checked online in the different websites. Along with the NH foreclosure list from time to time is published in the newspaper of the county. You can check this to get the latest foreclosed property in NH. has also given the list in which websites containing information on the New Hampshire foreclosure law and having foreclosure list in NH have been provided.
New Hampshire Government
New Hampshire Government has the statutes and laws pertaining to foreclosure in NH. Here court rules along with administrative rules are also mentioned.
Rate contains quick facts regarding foreclosure laws. Whole process of foreclosure and NH foreclosure auction have been explained in detail.
Foreclosure provides the foreclosure listings for NH foreclosed homes. Any type of foreclosure home can be found in the foreclosure list.

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