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New Jersey Appraisal Board

New Jersey State Real Estate Appraiser Board is entrusted with the responsibility to regulate real estate appraisers in the state of New jersey. For effective regulation and enforcement of laws, the NJ Appraisal Board awards licenses to most of the existing appraisers working within the boundary of the state. There are several categories of licenses, each of which is characterized by a specific scope of operation and standard of qualification. These are licensed real estate appraisers, apprentice appraisers, residential appraisers and certified general appraisers. The NJ Real Estate Appraisal Board also approves appraisal courses and providers of such courses. So, you must complete your educational requirements for a licensing category from an appraisal school or institute that has been accredited by the board.

Besides educational qualifications, the NJ Real Estate Appraisers require relevant experience of some duration in order to be licensed or certified. This is, however, not a requirement for a trainee appraiser, who are considered to be in the process of acquiring experience as required by the board. Moreover, a trainee can get his/her permit renewed for a maximum of three times and can have more than one supervising appraiser. Nonetheless, it is not mandatory for a person seeking to obtain a permit for trainee appraiser first in order to become licensed or certified as an appraiser.

New Jersey Real Estate Appraisers

The real estate appraisers functions in conjunction with a number of professionals and offer their valuable services in areas where assessment of real property is required. Some of the common associates of NJ real estate appraisers include insurance agents, bank officials, brokers and real estate agents . The nature of the appraisal job demands a very high degree of skill and integrity and so, the work of NJ State Real Estate Appraiser Board is much desirable by a large sections of the society.

NJ Real Estate Appraisal Board: Its Services

The proper system of appraisal licensure and regulation from the New Jersey Appraisal Board ensures that the consumers will not deceived of duped at any point during the process of an appraisal job. A consumer can also file a complaint against an appraiser who does not do his/her job in accordance with the law. To do so, you can either fill a complaint form online or meet the board officials personally. For a detailed account of the NJ Real Estate Appraisal Board, you may visit its official website.

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