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New York Foreclosure

New York Foreclosure figures are rising very quickly and moving the entire housing market. Because of the foreclosures in New York State home prices are falling that is further causing the trouble. With number of foreclosures in NY the economy of the state is also in a troubled situation.

Foreclosure in New York

The condition of the NY foreclosure is because of the job loss and high risk of adjustable rate mortgage. ARM at the time of housing boom was much in demand. But with the revision of the interest rate there was a chaos because of the increased monthly payment. Owing to these reasons, at present there are many foreclosed homes in the list. Moreover with the weak housing market at present, homeowners who are facing foreclosure in NY and want to sell their homes, are unable to do this. Although these factors are leading to the distressed properties yet the rate of foreclosures in New York State is far below the national average. Even the city of New York is the lowest in the foreclosure rate among other top metropolitan cities of US.

There are many homes and properties in one or other stage of the foreclosure. These phases can be:
  • Pre-foreclosure that has Notice of Default (NOD) and Lis Pendens
  • Foreclosures includes Notice of Foreclosure Sale and Notice of Trustee Sale
  • Real Estate Owned (REO)

NY Foreclosures for Sale

New York foreclosure sale can occur in any of these stages. In pre-foreclosure it is the owner who carry on the sale. Foreclosure auction takes place in the second phase. But if the foreclosed property is not sold in any of the state then it is repossessed by the bank or lender who then carry the foreclosure sale in NY. As a buyer you can be a part of the sale and get the best possible deal.

New York Foreclosure Properties

In New York foreclosure all types of properties are included such as condos, apartment, duplexes, single family homes and mansions. Buying very expensive properties were earlier very hard for some of the homeowners, but with the available number of foreclosure in New York buying these has become bit simpler.

Now the same property can be purchased at about 50% less price than the actual market value. Because of this reason many buyers now are interested in buying NY foreclosure homes instead of new ones. But again you will have to be more conscious while buying, as some of the NY foreclosed homes are in real bad shape. So it is better to inspect the property before purchasing it. has given more information on New York foreclosure, foreclosed homes, New York Foreclosure Listings and laws in the other pages. So keep checking these for extra info on NY foreclosure.

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